The Mini Monsta

Mini Monsta

I think that the classic Mini has a nice appeal to it. I know it’s not a muscle car or a sexy Italian racer, but it has some nice curves while being a small car. You rarely get to see one in Asia, but when you do it’s pretty sure you’re not going to forget it.

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The Hulk

Green M3 3

As far as I remember I’ve been a fan of the BMW M3. My personal favorite is the E46, but I would never refuse a ride in an E30. Performance cars have come a long way since that period, going from a 4 cylinder engine, to a straight 6, to a high revving V8 and now to a turbocharged V6. Also they are harder to tune, maybe because they offer so much from the start. For example, the power in the new M3 is more than double than in the first model, but it is also heavier.

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The Top Secret R34

Top Secret R34

I’ve allways been a fan of Japanese cars. I have a shortlist and it contains cars such as the 22B Subaru Impreza, the Bugeye STI and the Toyota Supra. But there is a car that comes out on top, and that is the Nissan R34 GT-R. There is something about the lines of this car that makes it look mean even when it’s parked. Below you can read about a R34 V-spec II Nur modified by Top Secret in Japan.

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A Mini Done Perfectly


I’ve always been a fan of classic cars, big or small, powerful or lightweight. One of the most iconic cars in my opinion is the Mini. It’s a lightweight chassis on a small car, sometimes powered by some really powerful engines. I’ve even seen Minis with K20A blown swaps. But this is a different kind of Mini.

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