1966 Chevelle By Ringbrothers


Ringbrothers came up with their own interpretation of a muscle car. They didn’t start off with your usual Mustang or Camaro, but with a 1966 Chevelle. You might not have heard about them, but they also built a DeTomaso Pantera for Jay Leno, so this might be interesting.
This car was presented at Sema this year, but last summer it was in a bare-metal state. I still can’t believe the project was done is such a short period of time, being such a complicated one.

Work began with the bodywork. The exterior could fool anyone that it just came of the production line, but there are a few hints it has been fiddled with, such as the side exhaust coming out the rear lower flanks. The body sits on a Roadster Shop custom chassis and most of the components have been upgraded to hit corners fast.

Almost every chromed part has been replaced with a carbon one. It sure is a different approach to your usual muscle car. The vented-engine hood is kept in place with a pair of Ringbrothers billet bonnet pins. The side mirrors are a work of art, a combination of billet aluminium and carbon fiber. Each have a RePlay camera mounted underneath. Everything about them has been custom fabricated.

Recoil, as this is the name of the car,sits on AFCO shock-absorbers , a Corvette C5 front end and a Roadster Shop 4-link setup in the back. It rides on 9.5×19′ and 13×10′ HRE wheels in the front and the back respectively. Grip is provided by Michelin Super Sport tyres that measure 275/35ZR19 and 345/30ZR20.Braking is taken care of by Baer 6-pot callipers and 2-piece rotors. Why? Because this car needs all the grip and breaking power it can get.

Ringbrothers-Recoil-17 (1)
Afterall, it has almost 1000 bhp, thanks to the Wegner Motosports dry-sumped blown LS7. The engine relies on a RHS block and heads, incorporating a forged bottom end. Gas gets to the engine via an Aeromotive pump and Holley fuel injection system. The twin-screw supercharger was provided by Whipple. Ringbrothers had to design and build a custom airbox for the air needed by this car’s engine, and it’s a piece of art, with two sections that peak through the carbon bonnet. Exhaust gas exists through a pair of modified Flowmaster stainless steel headers. They even fabricated the four fender wells out of carbon fiber, just because they can.

The transmission consists of a modified Tremec T56 by Bowler Transmission, a John;s Industries 9′ Ford rear end and Dynotech driveshafts.

Interior wise, Ringbrothers have exceeded anyone’s expectations. The interior has a fighter jet theme to it. The chairs seem like they came out of a jet plane, the dashboard seems from the future. If features a Racepack LCD dash display and a Ringbrothers Terminator Touch Start System that can sense your heat. One tap gets you into accessory mode, two taps start the engine and another one stops it.

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