1972 Pro Touring Camaro

Pro Touring Camaro-03

Most American muscle cars are pretty much a hunk of metal with a huge engine upfront and insane power figures, if you look at them in a minimalistic way. So why noy build a muscle car that is more than that?That is how Brian Hobaugh came up with the ideea to build a Pro Touring Camaro. He already owns a track-ready second generation Corvette,so this project came with a different ideea. He uses it in autocross races, you can see him ripping the track. in the short film. This was the main focus behind the project, that and that the car is supposed ti handle daily driving and turn heads while doing it. I can assure you it does all of the above.

Pro Touring Camaro-04
Brian started with a ’72 Camaro. Taking into consideration that he works as General Manager at Car West Elite, a luxury car body shop, he used all the help he could get. They made the widened wheel arches , did all the body work and painted the car in an orange color.

Pro Touring Camaro-02
All the knowledge gained in decades of racing with his dad (yes, Brian’s dad is the one that lead him into racing) was put into this build. Brian knew how he wanted the car to handle and also that Maier Racing were the ones that could make it happen. Since the car had to be SCCA rules compliant, the guys at Maier Racing had to work around the stock front subframe rails. They welded every cm and added tubing for improved stiffness. In order to attain perfect ride height and alignment, JRI coilovers , fabbed A-arms , uprights and a rear three-link were installed.
Getting over 600 hp from the LS3 engine to the street meant that Brian needed very wide and sticky tires. So he got a 3 piece CCW wheel set wrapped in 315 wide tires.

Pro Touring Camaro-05
The rollcage was also built by Maier Racing. This is such an extreme build that the door panels and headliner had to be custom fabricated to include the rollcage. The steering wheel was swapped with a Momo piece and the fiberglass dashboard houses Auto Hut gauges. The Hurst shifter commands a four-speed G-Force transmission.

Pro Touring Camaro-01
The weight of the car has to be kept under control in order to be SCCA compliant. So keeping in mind that they added some tubing, the hood , fenders and doors are made out of fiberglass.
Have you seen the exhaust?It exists in front of the tire, talk about insane builds.

Below you can see a video of Brian’s project:


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