Subaru Impreza WRX STI By Varis

Varis STI

As we have shown you with the A 45 AMG, Varis are very serious when talking about bodykits, overfenders and carbon. The next project we will present is a Subaru Impreza WRX STI done by the same company.
First of all I would like to say that this is the first version of this kit, a more aggressive model will be done in time to debut at next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. We will have to settle for this now.

Varis STI 3
Upfront there is a new bumper with a carbon fiber spoiler lip which adds to the menacing look this bodykit provides.

Varis STI 1

It also improves air flow for those so important track days Japan is well known for. There is also a new set of wider front fenders. Varis has kept in place the original fender STI badges which is mind blowing, talk about attention to details. Although the fenders are not a very wide version they still help hot air escape the engine bay and the brakes. The red accent along the front splitter and the sideskirts matches the color of the 9×19′ Prodrive GC-012L , a perfect match for the STI.

Varis STI 2
Stoping power is provided by Endless 6-pot calipers upfront and 4-pot calipers in the back,with two piece rotors. The stock airbox has been replaced with a Trust sponge filter. The turbo has been fiddled with as a new JUN turbo actuator has been installed along with a Prova blow-off. The exhaust hasbeen replaced with a full HKS exhaust system, along with a stainless manifold. All these mods free up around 50 hp, which is not bad at all.

Varis STI 4
Exterior modification include a carbon fiber hood that helps cool down the engine. The intercooler has been fitted with a Zero Sports baffle to channel more air into it. The front bumper is designed to house a front mounted intercooler in case your project will require exactly that. The trunk is also made of carbon fiber, just like the big GT wing that sits on top of it,shaving off some weight.

Varis STI 5
As for the interior, Varis has made some minor changes. The guys at JUN also installed a M7 boost controller on top of the steering column for easy access. Varis have fitted the interior with Defi gauges and also use the latest gen radar detector to display engine parameters on its display. The seats are a limited edition Reacro set provied by ASM Yokohama.

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