A JDM Chevelle Wagon


Back in the day, before the oil crisis, there was no such thing as an SUV. There was no Mercedes ML, BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne. Everybody had to do with station wagons. Nowadays things have changed and we can buy SUVs that have over 500 hp, not to mention the modified models that can have several hundred hp more. There aren’t any cool station wagons anymore, maybe except the Golf R and the Audi RS models.
There are still people out there that like that old school vibe classic station wagons have. One of them is Nakamura-san, the owner of Worx Auto Alarm. His shop specializes in high-end alarm and A/V installs and GT-Rs in particular. He also owns a R33 GT-R which is quite impressive. He also thought the idea of owning a modified Chevelle is appealing and cool. Nakamura bought this car 16 years ago with the goal of slowly transforming it into a cruiser.

The car was taken apart and every piece that was worn out got replaced. You can notice that the exterior is pretty much OEM, it only looks like it just rolled off the production line. I can’t say the same for the rest of the project. Nakamura-san opted for an air suspension provided by Ride Tech, along with upgraded arms. It complements the wheels nicely, a set of Schott Wheels Venom, measuring 8×19’ upfront and 8,5×20’ in the rear. Another modification included the braking system. Willwood was the choice for this, providing 6-pot Superlite calipers for the front and 4-pot Superlite calipers for the back. They also provided the master cylinder.

Since Nakamuras business relies on A/V installs, he has opted for a boxed subwoofer in the trunk, along with a rear controllable air-conditioning system. The air tank, compressor and all the wiring for the suspension is nicely hidden underneath, where the spare tire used to be. He also swapped the old steering wheel with a unit from Budnick, which fits the era perfectly. The real surprise comes when you take a look and the dashboard: even though it might seem original, all the gauges are digital, provided by Dakota Digital. They all match the color of the Vintage Air controller and even of the head unit that uses Bluetooth to connect to any phone.

Since Nakamura-san is not an engine expert, he chose Andy Rod Works down in Chiba to take care of this subject. The 350ci Chevy engine was upgraded with an Edelbrock carburetor and intake, special ceramic-coated header form Hooker and a custom exhaust system.


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