A Mercury Truck They Never Made

'34 Mercury Truck

Matt Hooper is a guy that has built and owned several early Fords and one day decided to build a hot rod pickup that he could drive around town. The plan wasn’t to develop a nice car, bare metal, a cool stance and a chop should have been enough for him. What he ended up with you will see.

'34 Mercury Truck 4

Matt met Rocky Bobby of Ricky Bobby’s Rod Shop (they even have a show on The Discovery Channel) and saw the speed they work with while maintaining a high level of quality. So he decided that they will be working on his project.

'34 Mercury Truck 1

Starting off with a ’34 truck cab, Rocky shopped 3’ from the top and 2.5’ from the frame rails. They also shortened the ’34 rear so the wheels were moved forward. The truck tailgate was taken of a ’51 Mercury F1 but had to be modified to fit Matt’s project. The bed was also custom made from hardwood which was painted with candy black paint mixed with some clear coat for that extra shine. Underneath sits the tail light which is actually a horn button from a ’53 Mercury steering wheel inside a ’38 Chevy tail light housing.

'34 Mercury Truck 2

The powerplant behind it all is a ’51 Mercury Flathead engine with a set of Eddie Meyer heads and a pair of Stromberg carbs. Mounting this engine meant they had to do some chassis work also, which turned out so nice that they decided to give it a paint job. After doing some bodywork they decided to paint that too, so that is how the whole project evolved from just bare metal.

'34 Mercury Truck 3

The front wishbones were sourced from a ’37 Ford and mounted with a SoCal dropped axle. The front wheels are ’40 Ford stock while the rear ones were produced by Circle Racing for this project.

'34 Mercury Truck 5





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