A Mini Done Perfectly


I’ve always been a fan of classic cars, big or small, powerful or lightweight. One of the most iconic cars in my opinion is the Mini. It’s a lightweight chassis on a small car, sometimes powered by some really powerful engines. I’ve even seen Minis with K20A blown swaps. But this is a different kind of Mini.

Mini 1

First of all, it appeared at the Art Of Speed event held in Malaysia and it’s called Mini Monsta. It’s not completed yet but it looks really interesting. The powerplant powering the wheels is a Daihatsu L 700 1 L block. The head was replaced by a reworked L200S piece and all of the internals were forged for the forced induction that will be installed later on. Some pieces are already on the engine, like the HKS GT2510 turbo mounted on the custom exhaust manifold. The car is expected to have anywhere from 150 to 200 hp depending on the boost pressure that the Haltech Sport 1000 ECU will take care of.

Mini 2

The intercooler of choice is a RNN14 Nissan Pulsar GTiR piece that will sit on top of the engine. This takes me to the exterior, where the hood scoop is noticeable, in place to feed the cold air to the engine department. Behind the front grille there will be a radiator and oil cooler.

Mini 3

The car runs on custom JRD wheels wrapped in 175/50 R 13 Yokohama a530 tires.  Last but not least, a Zemax widebody kit was installed which adds to the Minis look.

Mini 4

In the interior you can see a GReddy boost controller and A’PEXI meter gauges. These are all fitted in a carbon fiber dashboard. The interior door panels are also made from carbon.

Mini 6





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