A Racing Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308 3

It’s not often you get to see a racing Ferrari. And it’s even more rare when you get to see a classic racing Ferrari, especially on tarmac roads. Well, this 308 (not a Peugeot) does just this in Australia.

Ferrari 308 4

This beauty is powered by a transversely mounted 2.9 L V8. Since it’s not such a big engine, there was no problem mounting it like this, compared to modern day cars that have longitudinally mounted engines. It produces 252 hp, which is not that much compared to today’s Ferrari beasts, but since the car only weights around 1,200 kg, it is more than enough. I wish I had 250 hp on my 1,140 kg car.

Ferrari 308 1

Other specs include a double wishbone independent suspension, vented disc brakes front and rear and a clutch-type limited-slip differential. The interior was stripped of the original leather seats and now features bucket seats, a full rollcage and all the rally instruments needed.

Ferrari 308 2

Along all the racing decals that are mandatory, there is also this green cat. The owner was pressed by his young daughter to have a cat decal, and after a bit of searching, he found out that Enzo Ferrari used to love to eat at the Ristorante Gatto Verde (The Green Cat Restaurant) in Maranello. Of course the Magneti Marelli sticker could not be missed.

Ferrari 308

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