A TTS Built For Track


Most of the cars you usually see during track days in Japan are any of the following: Nissan GT-R, Silvia , Subaru STI and it EVO rival, Mazda RX7 and almost any type of Honda. There are also the exotics, like the M3 or the supercars.  So when an Audi TTS shows up with the proper setup it’s probably it will raise some eyebrows.


For the beggining, the car features a custom induction with a HKS Super Power Flow filter and a set of Okada ignition coils. There is also a quad exit exhaust that gives the 2.0 L engine a nice deep sound.



In order to save some weight the owner removed the back seat and used the rear strut tower as an anchor point for the Takata harness. The seats have been replaced with a set of baby blue leather seats.


As I’ve said this car is track focused so it featurea a serious coilover kit along with an Endless 6-pot monoblock big brake kit. The car sits on a set of RAYS VR.G2 wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan A050 semi slicks.






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