A TTS Built For Track


Most of the cars you usually see during track days in Japan are any of the following: Nissan GT-R, Silvia , Subaru STI and it EVO rival, Mazda RX7 and almost any type of Honda. There are also the exotics, like the M3 or the supercars.  So when an Audi TTS shows up with the proper setup it’s probably it will raise some eyebrows.

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Jon Olsson’s RS6 DTM


Maybe you guys remember the crazy Audi R8 Jon Olsson created, mostly out of carbon fiber. Well now he’s back with another Audi, but with a crazier project than last time. This is the RS6 DTM wagon.

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RS6-R By ABT Sportline

ABT RS-6R In the past years, car manufacturers have decided to broaden their model catalogue in order to cater for every client, even for new dads with a need for speed and horsepower. Models like the M5 estate, E 63 AMG wagon or the RS6 provide a lot of fun and also a lot of room in the back for a family. [Read more...]

TS-Racing Audi RS2 Track Eating Monste

Audi RS 2 TS-Racing Track Monster 2

Even though the Audi RS2 is not as famous as a Ferrari Dino let’s say, but it sure was a landmark in automotive history. You might wonder why’s that, but i will let you know: it was the first RS badged model in the Audi history, the first ultra fast wagon and there were only around 3000 units made between March 1994 and July 1995. The car was built in the same Porsche factory that the 959 was built in, talk about a royal pedigree. In it’s original form the RS2 delivered 311hp and four-wheel drive, an option that Audi was famous for.

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