Bad Ass Stance Nissan Silvia S13

Stance Nissan Silvia S13 3

We all know Japanese tuners like to bring their own style into any car related project. From track oriented cars, time-attack projects, top speed Wangan racers to the drift cars. So when Michihiro Takatori of Stance Japan decided to swap an american sourced V8 into a Silvia S13 there was no stopping him. This car has allready been driven by Horiguchi in the D1 Street Legal championship. Michihito himself used to drive the Autobacs R34 in Formula D so he really knows what to expect from such a build.

All the aerodynamical modifications were provided by Origin, Stance Japan’s partner in D1 SL. The Stream Line front bumper channels cold air to the coolers thanks to the large air dam and side intakes. Silver carbon fiber , a very nice touch, cannards and under cannards provide enough downforce upfront.


Wider front fenders were an absolute must in order to provide the front wheels with plenty of room to move around as there were modified knuckles installed to improve the steering lock. Since the Work CR Kiwami wheels measure 9×17′ upfront and 9,5×18′in the back, rear Origin sourced overfenders were a must. Origin took care of the sideskirts also, adding to the D1 look. The Work wheels are wrapped in Maxxis Z1 Drift tyres, measuring 235/40R17 in the front and 265/30R18 in the back.Grip is also provided by the Stance GR+ dampers.

Stance Nissan Silvia S13 7
Up to now there is nothing out of this picture, pretty much everything looks JDM. You might change your opinion once you take a look under the bonnet. Takatori san dropped a Corvette C6 sourced LS2 along with open velocity stacks installed on top of the Inglese eight throttle body conversion kit. This was the perfect choice for taht much needed instant throttle response. There are other parts that were swapped, along with the stronger conrod bolts , a high-lift camshaft , chromoly pushrods, roller rocker arms and dual valve springs.

Now Takatori is sure the engine can take the abuse during the competition , a well deserved breathe of air after his last engine blew up during an event.

Stance Nissan Silvia S13 6
The engine management is taken care of by the Adaptronic unit, while the Aeromotive adjustable regulator and the high pressure fuel pump feed the thirsty injectors. Engine lubrication is also very important in drift events because the carare pushed to thei limits and reaching several G’s in laterla acceleration. So the LS2 has an upgraded oil pump with an extend sump. The Accusump also keep pressure in the oil system under control. Kakimoto racing developed a custom exhaust for this project , including special headers and a down-facing exhaust tip.

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