The M3 BMW Never Produced

M3 E91 Touring 2

While Audi and Mercedes have been busy producing the RS4 and the C 63 AMG in an estate form, BMW never rolled out a M3 wagon. Well maybe they should have, I’m sure there would have been a lot of customers for such a car.

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Red Bmw E30 Turbo Made in Norway


Every now and then a project born in Scandinavia catches my attention. Car purists look away, because this is a BMW E30 turbo that shares it’s looks with an M3. Stig , not the one from Topgear, loved the classic look of the BMW E30 but wanted to benefit from updated technology and performance. Stig is 25 and was born in Norway. [Read more...]

Biturbo BMW M5 By Manhart Racing

BMW M5 Manhart-04

If you are a car enthusiast then you already know this, Manhart Racing is special, they always leave you with an itch to get your hands on their projects. Yes, they did it again with their latest MH5 S Biturbo program for the BMW F10M M5. [Read more...]

A Classic M3 With An Orange Twist

BMW M3 Orange-01

I am sure that there are a lot of purists out there that will absolutely hate this M3 E30. I consider myself, somewhat purist, but this orange BMW E30 just looks like candy to me.
The car doesn’t look out-of-this-world modified,but there are a few modifications that German purists will not aprove of. [Read more...]

JDM Style BMW M3


We all know that Japanese tuners are regarded as perfectionists and not afraid to tackle any car that they can get their hands on. They even modify cars few people can dream of owning, just take a look at RWB’s creations.

So when a former DC2 Integra Type R, S2000 and NSX owner decided to buy and modify an E92 M3, guess which road he decided to drive on? Of course the JDM style way… The previous Honda cars were all white, so why not go with white for this project also? Great choice Alex.

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BMW E39 M5 Pick-Up Truck Transformation


When the engineers at BMW started to work on the E39 M5, they tried to build a car that was useful, sporty and elegant, all in a BMW packaging. In my opinion they were successful as the E39 M5 is one of the greatest cars ever built, not to mention it looks great in nowadays.

Meet Stuart Appleby of South Wales Australia, the man who decided to transform his beautiful E39 M5, into the ultimate V8-powered small pick-up ever known to mankind. After two years of work, sweat and blood, Mr.Appleby has announced that his BMW M5 pick-up project is finally completed at the expense of destroying one of the most desirable cars of today.

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