Building A Dream Car, The Fairlady S30

Fairlady S30-02

In the last few years the internet has managed to change the way that people tackle car projects. Thanks to his invention, anything can become worldwide known in just a couple of hours. So it was only a matter of time until the Japanese would take inspiration from other corners of the earth. They have such a nice blend of traditionality and avantgarde thinking.

Fairlady S30-03

The Fairlady S30 has been around for ages in Japan , it was released in 1969, so it has been heavily street raced, circuit raced, restored and modified in every imaginable way possible. It is a very sought after car and one of my favourites, and actually a car that Kazuaki Kadowaki loves a lot.This coupled with his online activity led to this project.He went down another road that most of us would, but it is a very enjoyable ride for sure.
He actually took inspiration for a rat rod project based on a Nissan 240Z. While there aren’t many design similarities, you will see this car pushes the envelope as much as that project.

Fairlady S30-04
Car purists will scream when they will find out the powerplant under the hood is a Toyota sourced naturally aspirated 2JZ. The owner is part of a club called Route 66 and close to the guys at Daddy Motor Works. This is a small shop based in Nagoya specialized in crazy engine swaps so this came natural to them. This particular engine was chosen especially for being different.
Since one of the goal was instant throttle response, the NA variant of the 2JZ was dropped in, along with 45mm individual throttle bodies from a Corolla. The exhaust manifold was custom fabricated for this particular build and along with the HKS F-CON V Pro engine management system helps the engine deliver 240hp.

Fairlady S30-01
Since this whole car is meant to be different in every way possible, Kadowaki san decided to opt for a Universal Air suspension kit. The car can be lowered or raised in a fe seconds thanks to the switches installed in the cabin. The air suspension was a must since the S30 is a daily driver.
He went for a USDM look for the exterior keeping the original shor nose that resembles the 240Z and the 280Z that were available in the US. Front and rear lip spilers were also added, along with a set of fender bolt-on flares.
The S30 sits on a set of Work Mesiter CR-01 wheels measuring 9×15′ upfront and 10×15′ in the rear. They are wrapped in Falken Ziex tyres. Stopping power is provided by the Honda NSX rotors and the S14 sourced calipers.

Fairlady S30-05
The interior has suffered some subtle changes. I love that everything looks like it came out of the production line. The steering wheel has been replaced and the seats have been swapped with a set of Cobra low-back bucket seats.

This project shows people all over the world that any car enthusiast can create his own vision of his dream car, even if the model has been released over 40 years ago and there are a lot of modified examples out there.

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