The Bulletproof Carbon GT-R

Bulletproof GT-R

I am about to present you yet another R35 GT-R. Bear with me as you read along, you’ll see that this is one of the finest cars I’ve shown you so far.

Bulletproof GT-R 1

Just like its predecessors, the R35 GT-R was one of the quickest cars when it came out in 2007. And just like the R32 and the later models, its launch made a lot of tuners to show everybody what they are capable of. The latest GT-R has been modified for drag racing, time attack, standing mile and even drifting.

One of the tuners that upgraded and modified GT-Rs is Bulletproof Automotive, a company that was founded 15 years ago. That means they have a lot of experience and they mean business. This car is one of the most perfect (if I can say that) example yet.
The biggest problem of the R35 is its weight. In order to achieve this, Ben Schaffer and the Bulletproof team didn’t go all crazy and strip out the interior, they actually refined it. So their car retains the comfort of the original ride, you can still take it for a long ride.

Bulletproof GT-R 4

Over the years Bulletproof has collaborated with several Japanese tuners, one of them being Overtake. Ben knew he needed a dry carbon conversion in order to achieve the weight savings he desired. Practically every exterior part was swapped with its dry carbon sibling: front fenders, hood, front bumper, doors, A-pillars, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear fenders, rear spoiler, side skirts, mirrors. Other modifications include an Esprit 052-W WTAC dry carbon rear wing with titanium mounts and Lexan windows.

Bulletproof GT-R 2

As for the interior, a lot of parts were replaced with carbon copies: door handles, steering wheel, shift paddles, dashboard, center console and the hand brake lever. Like I said before, Bulletproof improved the interior with Lamborghini black and gray Alcantara upholstery and installed a set of Recaro SR-7 seats. All these mods bring the weight down with 170 kg (375 lbs.) which really improves handling and agility.

Bulletproof GT-R 3

Although power figures haven’t been released, I can bet the upgrades in the engine department brought a new feel to the GT-R SPL. The engine has been fitted with the Bulletproof Automotive SPL power package which includes an Overtake/Powerhouse Amuse Titan Saikou aluminum surge tank, a GReddy Spec-R intercooler kit, a GReddy Type RZ blow-off valve, a GReddy TX throttle body, an Overtake 100-V Saikou exhaust by Powerhouse Amuse, a Do-Luck DTM II G-sensor and torque sensor, a JUN coolant expansion tank and an AQ Motorsports intake.

Bulletproof GT-R 6

All these upgrades meant the suspension, wheel and brake department had to be addressed. The dampers were replaced with a set of Overtake/Sachs three-way dampers and the front control arms were provided by Kansai Service. Braking is taken care of by an Overtake Carbon SL system with Brembo calipers and carbon discs. The car sits on a set of Advan Racing GT wheels measuring 10×20’ upfront and 12×20’ in the back. They are wrapped in 285/35R20 front and 315/30R20 rear Toyo Proxes R888 tires.

Bulletproof GT-R 7

Bonus image, the Recaro seats just blend in perfectly with the Alcantara interior.

Bulletproof GT-R 5


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