The Cal Look VW Bug

VW Bug 3

One thing I like about the international tuning scene is that a project can have more than one inherited style. This car is so fantastic because it is a German build car modified in Japan in a true US style. And yes, it’s a 1956 Volkswagen Beetle.

VW Bug 2

No matter what car genre exists there sure are some Japanese guys and girls that love it and some take it too extreme with their projects, from full restorations to race cars.
This car is owned by a fellow named Manabu Kanda and he lives is Yokohama, Japan. He is also the owner of a blog called Kalifornia Look, a blog about the cruising scene in his home town. He has owned this car for 15 years now and it got this sophisticated over that time.

VW Bug 1

The Beetle just got a new fresh coat of dark champagne gold paint, or what Kenda likes to call Beer Gold. The body got also some custom work with the bumpers being removed and the front turn signals have been shaven off.
Instead of giving the car a classic slammed look Kenda had a different approach. He fitted the car with 3.5×15’ Centerline wheels upfront and 7×15’ Centerline wheels in the back. They are wrapped in 135/SR15 Michelin tires in the front and 215/70/R15 Cooper Cobra tires in the rear.

VW Bug 4

This Bug is powered by a 1,776cc four cylinder engine blueprinted and built at the One Low workshop, along with dual Kadron carbs and a BEE HAUS ceramic-coated exhaust system. This is not a racecar but it provides plenty of feelings on the street.

VW Bug
For the interior, the seats have been swapped with a pair of red bucket seats and the steering wheel with a tri-spoke model from an earlier model. Other small touches include a Hurst shifter, an Auto Meter tachometer and a Moon gas pedal.

VW Bug 5

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