Classic Escort Cosworth

Wengler Racing RS1800-08

Yves Faber is a man that is living his dream. After racing in the International Drift Series in a Fox-body Mustang until 2010, he retired in order to spend more time with his family. His company, Wengler Racing, is full of all kinds of projects, old and new. The project I am about to show you is a perfect Group 4 Spec Ford Escort RS1800, in mint condition.

Wengler Racing RS1800-01
The car is powered by a Cosworth Type A engine, BDA for short. It is a 1.8 liter unit that runs two 45DCOE Weber carburetors and delivering 204 hp and 185Nm. Setting up was left to Mr. Moog from VGS Motorsports, a guy that has a 30 year experience with similar engines.

Wengler Racing RS1800-03

It also comes with dry sump lubrication so that the pumps don’t run out of oil at any time. You might think that somewhere around 200 hp is not much, but keep in mind that this car weighs 925 kg.

Wengler Racing RS1800-05


The interior provides the bare minimum and it is fit for the street. Yves can take his whole family on holiday with this Escort.

Wengler Racing RS1800-06

The transmission is a race-spec 5-speed ZF gearbox. The gears are straight-cut, and unlike the helical gears, are stronger and a lot louder. The handbrake is hydraulic and there is also a brake balance adjuster, just to make sure Yves has lots of fun on the winding roads of Luxembourg. AP Racing took care of the brakes, being hidden behind the 8×13’ and 9×13’ Minilite wheels. Yves got a rear Baby Atlas axle and a 45% LSD.

Wengler Racing RS1800-02

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