A Classic M3 With An Orange Twist

BMW M3 Orange-01

I am sure that there are a lot of purists out there that will absolutely hate this M3 E30. I consider myself, somewhat purist, but this orange BMW E30 just looks like candy to me.
The car doesn’t look out-of-this-world modified,but there are a few modifications that German purists will not aprove of.
Since Nick uses his M3 as a daily driver and he does it pretty hard, an Air Lift Perfomance suspension was installed. I know, a dream car M3 E30 sitting on an air suspension is totally wrong. Or isn’t it? Well, the car looks pretty awesome when slammed to the ground, an absolutely necessary must for car shows and it can be adjusted for street use. What more can you expect from a suspension setup?

BMW M3 Orange-02
Nick decided to go for a rally bred set of wheels, a Compomotive TH set. You might wonder then, were did the OZ racing decals came from. Nick wanted to have a symmetric logo and the wheels are pretty much the same with the OZ rally wheels, so why not?
Since the original powerplant wasn’t providing enough power for the owner’s plans, a M3 E36 engine was the engine of choice. It has been tuned to around 360 hp , installing a custom manifold and exhaust system. Of course the gearbox was also sourced from a E36 M3 and there were a couple of upgrades added: a racing flywheel and clutch along with a limited slip differential.

BMW M3 Orange-03
I bet most of the readers never knew the exterior color is an original BMW paint, first available for the BMW 2002, codenamed Inka Orange.
The front lip spoiler is the exactly same one that the E30 M3 Evo II was fitted with, but the headlights were provided by Hella for a more menacing look. The kidney grilles were also swapped with a black set. Even the door handles were replaced with a highly sought after set of BMW Motorsport handles, usually seen on the E36 M3 GT.

BMW M3 Orange-04
The interior also received a touch up, the Recaro seats were upholstered with charcoal alcantara and orange stitching. Talk about attention to details, as the reupholstering includes the roof lining, the doors , the center console, gearshifter and the handbrake.
The audio department was not left untouched, throwing in several Audison high-end components in order to mask the custom 60mm exhaust.
Even the license plate is a tongue-in-cheek reference to car purists, this being an M3 E30 on an air ride and a later model swapped engine.




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