How To Detect Modified Mileage.

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When deciding on buying a used car, one of the biggest fears, even bigger than the fear of buying faulty parts, is that of manipulated miles. In my experience the fear is quite unfounded and although there are no statistics on this matter I would risk and say that at least 35% of used cars for sale do not show the actual miles on the odometer.
The reduction of miles in cars is usually conducted by professionals, so as underlined by the word they are professionals of their craft and are very good at trace manipulation. Maybe some of you have read on car forums or some car magazines that doing a self-test can tell if the miles on the car have been changed. Unfortunately in most cases this won’t help, although some may promise and charge for it.
Do not forget that the mere possession of the machines to reduce miles is not a crime, unless it’s proved to have been used to reduce miles in order to hide the information from the buyer and obtain illegal profits.
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How can you tell if the miles on the car you are buying are real? Well, that is not really easy to know especially for someone who is not a professional mechanic related to the sale of used cars. However, on our own, we can take some precautions to prevent such occurrence. Here are some tips to avoid buying a second hand car with modified miles:

  • If you are buyin the car from a dealer, workshop or professional purchase, you should know that whatever the label put on the car is and regardless of the warranty they give you, if the car has less than 10,000-15,000 miles per yearof seniority then it’s very suspicious.
  • If in addition the car has less than 4 years then you should suspect even more.
  • If they do not accept the testing of the car by an independent expert selected professional mechanic then DO NOT BUY! A check is necessary to also make sure that the engine is in good shape.

In general you should use your eyes to judge, if the car looks old/worn out but the mileage is low, then something is definitely wrong!

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