Enrique’s Red Supra

Red Supra 1

Enrique Munoz was just a teenager in the mid ’90s and he would head to Long Beach on Sunday nights to watch the races. And there it was where he started dreaming about his own Supra. He saw a poster of two JGTC versions at a buddy’s house and an actual Royal Sapphire Blue example. He knew he had to have one.

Enrique started saving money to achieve his dream while researching about people that would be best to modify his car. In 2001 he bought a stock JZA80 twin turbo Supra and started to dish out a plan. Enrique also started to track his car and after a minor accident that resulted in some body damage decided he needed a new look for the project. Somehow , while on a trip in Japan at the Tokyo Auto Salon, he met Manabu ‘Max’ Orido and decided he would get a body kit from Orido’s Ridox brand. He says that it was the JGTC look that convinced him.

Red Supra 2
This project took a lot of heart and soul. In 2004 Enrique bought a house and at one point he was even considering selling the car. His family and friends actually convinced him not to do it and to fulfill his dream. After a few years Enrique was ready to continue his build and soon realized he needed professional help. He met with Eric and Marc Kozeluh, the twin brothers he knew about from the time he decided to get a Supra . They are the guys behind Twins Turbo Motorsport. One of their special project was building Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR-X Mustang. They made a list of components the car needed to be changed in order to get a street and track weapon. The cost was about double what Enrique expected, so he was advised to come back when he would be ready.

By 2012 he had bought almost everything on the list and returned to Twins Turbo. Seeing Enrique so perseverant, the twins took the car in and started the rebuild.

Red Supra 3
The engine is a monster, a 2JZ-GTE unit with a big Precision 6667 turbo on top of a Full Race manifold. The camshafts were provided by HKS, while the fuel system includes twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, ID2000 injectors and a Weldon fuel pressure regulator. The car’s intake consists of a HyperTune intake and 90mm throttle body. The oil and the power steering fuel are cooled through two Setrab coolers.

Red Supra 4
In order to install the V-shaped intercooler the twins had to take out the air-con unit, but Enrique was fine with that. The exhaust features a modified Full Race downpipe with a Full Race T4 divided header , a 4′ stainless steel exhaust system and a Veilside titanium muffler. The engine management is state of the art and even has traction control thanks to the MoTeC M820 unit with a custom harness. While next year’s plans include a full engine rebuild, the car now delivers 740 whp, which is quite impressive. Of course the OEM transmission needed some changes, including a Tilton CC triple-plate clutch , a TRD LSD and a remote shaft mounted slave cylinder with Twins Turbo clutch master cylinder kit.

Red Supra

Since Enrique wanted to attend track days, the car was also fitted with suspension and chassis modifications. There are HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers , TRD sway bars and aset of Brembo brakes: 6-piston monoblock calipers upfront and 4-piston calipers in the back. The car sits on Volk Racing SF Challenge wheels by RAYS Engineering ,measuring 9.5×19′ in the front and 10.5×19′ in the back and wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R tires.

The Ridox kit consists of some carbon fiber parts : the front bumper, front splitter, the front canards, side skirts, rear skirts, the trunk lip, GT wing . The front fenders are made from RFP, while Top Secret proved the carbon fiber hood.

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