A Vauxhall Powered Ford Escort

Ford Escort

Sometimes there are rivalries in the automotive business. People usually take sides and start debating which is best: BMW or Mercedes, Gemballa or Techart, USA or Japan etc. There are two companies based in UK, Ford in the suburb of Dagenham in London and Vauxhall in the town of Luton, nearly 50 miles away. There are also people that cross the barriers and, in this case, built a Vauxhall powered Ford Escorts. This is Paul Reene.

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Classic Escort Cosworth

Wengler Racing RS1800-08

Yves Faber is a man that is living his dream. After racing in the International Drift Series in a Fox-body Mustang until 2010, he retired in order to spend more time with his family. His company, Wengler Racing, is full of all kinds of projects, old and new. The project I am about to show you is a perfect Group 4 Spec Ford Escort RS1800, in mint condition. [Read more...]