Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 1

Since the the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is not getting a new model anytime soon, the Evo X is the latest weapon against the STI’s. And I’m talking about time attack wars that take place all over Japan , since they are blessed with so many racetracks.
One of the most respected tuning crews in Japan is the garage G-Force crew, since they stole the title of the quickest Evo X back in 2011 from the Koyama Racing Labo with their white Evo X. They actually ran a 57s lap on the Tsukuba racetrack, which is quite impressive.

Their next project was to show what a great street car an Evo X can be, using the SST dual-clutch transmission. The goal being to deliver a daily driver, looks had to be aggressive. Varis provided the widebody kit , with a very angry front lip topped off with carbon fiber canards, wider front and rear fenders and sideskirts. In the rear , the ventilated flares are held in place by rivets and are made out of two pieces, one of the rear door and one on the actual fender. Needles to say that everything looks perfectly integrated, even the carbon fiber trunk lid Varis supplied for this projects looks like it has came of the production line.Of course they also installed a carbon fiber GT wing. The triple vented hood was also developed by Varis and it iskept in place by a pair of Aerocatch latches.

Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 2
The RAYS Volk Racing G25 are 10,5×19′ in size and are wrapped in Ypkphama Advan Neova tires. Pretty sweet combo, as the black wheels complement the rest of the exterior.

Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X  3
Behind the G25s upfront the calipers have been switched with an Endless six-pot set along with Endless 2 piece brake discs. The same discs were installed in the back, retaining the stock Brembo calipers. You might wonder why Garage G-Force decided to shell out the big bucks for the braking kit and a look under the hood will sure clarify things. Under all that carbon fiber sits a HKS 2.2L stroked engine , with a replaced bottom end with really strong components. The turbo of choice is a Precision Turbo 5830 that, along with a TiALexternal wastegate and a Precision Turbo exhaust manifold, delivers around 550 hp. The ECU is a HKS F-CON V Pro unit controlling 800cc/min injectors.

Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 5
This being a street oriented car, the titanium exhaust had to have actuators in order to be able to have a more toned down rumble.
Since the original Getrag SST transmission is not very reliable once you start to tune the engine, HKS upgrade clutch plates were thrown in the mix.


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