The “Geländewagen” By Brabus

G Brabus-02

The indissoluble union between the famous German tuner Brabus and the German car manufacturer Mercedes, goes on for many years and has created over time some incredible, flashy sports cars that are able to offer in a single recipe dizzying performance and opulent luxury business class.

Produced by the House of the three-pointed star since 1979, the unstoppable evergreen G-Class 4×4, is definitely one of the strong points of the Bottrop atelier and a reference point between off-road “hard and pure”. As usual, the Brabus workshops have targeted one of the most powerful versions of “Gelandewagen”, the G63 AMG, which is armed with a powerful 5.5 liter V8 biturbo engine capable of delivering 536 HP and about 760Nm of pure torque. The mechanical kit developed by the engineers at Brabus includes numerous changes to the engine, electronic and mechanical parts of the car ( ECU, air filters, power and waste management) that increase the power and torque creating some spectacular values : 620 HP and 820 Nm of torque.
G Brabus-05
When you achieve such numbers the impressive progression of the care doesn’t come as a surprise, the engine is capable of pushing the 3,200 kg of the car ( in the classic sprint from 0-100 km/h) in just 5.1 seconds  while the top speed limiter has been increased from 210 km/h to 230 km/h. This increase in power and performance (more than the 612Hp offered by the G65 AMG version) made it mandatory to adopt a new and sophisticated system of electronically adjustable suspension, via a switch located on the center console, while the braking system has been upgraded with new front discs 380 mm, 12-piston calipers bite, and rear discs 355 mm in diameter, in turn bites from 6-piston calipers.
G Brabus-04
The usual flashy and opulent setting aesthetic signed by brabus comes as a side dish to all that power. The tuner proposes a full-aerodynamic body kit including appendices particularly pronounced, large air intakes and a complete light kit consisting in white and blue LED lights. The aesthetic package also includes a new collection of alloy wheels, available in a range of sizes between 20 and 23 inches.
G Brabus-01
As always the  interior of the car will be using the same design philosophy of the body, taking the now-classic recipe that mixes materials especially luxurious and refined, topped by a heavy taste kitsch. In Living made by Brabusm, which are indeed precious leather bi-color orange and black are combined with numerous carbon fiber inserts dedicated to the dashboard and door panels, while blue lights and aluminum details (sills and pedals) enriching the lower area of the cockpit.

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