Halloween Silvia S13


Most drift cars we’ve seen in the past years are monster builds with somewhat insane budgets. Pro drifters around the world have tubular chassis with power figures shy of the 1,000 hp mark. What if I told you that some people choose a different route for their cars? They can be found along the mountain roads in Japan, of course were it all started.
I mean they don’t have an endless budget they put the car together themselves and perfect everything on the road until they get it perfect. This is what the soul of drift looks like.
Well, I present you the Halloween Racing with the BReaST Silvia. It’s a 1990 Nissan Silvia S13 that owes its perfect shape to the drifting skills of its owner, something he has perfected over the years of touge around these mountains.

The car sports a Rocket Bunny aero kit developed by Kei Miura himself, but has some add-ons over the 6666 Customs kit in order to be unique. The front side is widened by 30mm on each side with a custom set of overfenders. This was necessary in order to fit the 10×18’ Work Equip wheels. They have +10 ET upfront and +5 in the back, just right for drifting the car around these roads. Grip is also provided by the adjustable Megan Racing suspension. The front is set to have negative camber, thanks to the MOZE shortened knuckles and extended lower arms. In the back the subframe was reinforced, along with new toe control arms and traction rods.

There is no rear bumper, which meant that a Rocket Bunny 180SX rear diffuser has enough place to be mounted. Miura also proved the sideskirts and his signature ducktail spoiler. Other exterior mods include Craft Square side mirrors, upgraded headlights and the removal of the front grille.

Of course the engine was built differently than those in pro drift cars. Reliability and instant response were chosen over high power figures and insane turbo setup. This comes in handy on the Japanese mountain roads and when cops chase you because this is illegal. The Trust intercooler upfront has been linked to the engine via custom bent and fabricated aluminum. Trust has also provided the TD06 turbo, the exhaust manifold and external wastegate. The A’PEXI Power FC engine controls the upgraded fuel system and ignition, and delivers almost 400 hp with enough torque through most of the rev range. Transmission add-ons include a RG metal single plate clutch and a Nismo GT Pro LSD.


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