HellCat, The Most Powerful Muscle Car Engine.

HellCat Engine-01

Up to now, the most powerful Mopar four-seater ever made was the Dodge Charger Daytona back in 1970, which broke the 200mph barrier and packed a hot 426 Hemi V8. Lately Dodge teased the automotive world with tales about their new Hellcat Hemi engine. Can the new engine meet or beat it’s predecessor? Well, Dodge blew everyone away when they finally announced that the engine will produce an astronomical 707 horsepower and 650 ft/lbs of torque achieved by mounting a supercharger on it’s 6.2 liter HEMI V8. The engine, used only by SRT, will be available on the 2015 Charger, 2015 Challenger and maybe on a new SRT Ram.

The HellCat was named after a Grumman World War II fighter plane, used mainly on aircraft carriers, equipped with 2000 hp Pratt & Whitney engines, made by Nash. Around 12.200 Hellcats were made and they 5223 enemy aircrafts, more than any other Allied Naval plane, having a kill-to-loss ratio around 19:1.

HellCat is a 370 cubic inch, 90 degree V-type engine. There are 16 pushrod-operated overhead valves, with hollow-stem intake valves and sodium-filled exhaust valves; the conventional hydraulic lifters have roller tips. The exhaust starts out with dual three-way catalytic converters, which dump into dual 2.75-inch pipes and a straight-through exhaust system, with twin electronic exhaust valves and rectangular black chromed tips.
A separate low-temperature cooling system reduces the heat of the incoming air; there are dual water-to-air charge air coolers and a high-flow, variable-speed electric water pump.
Take a look at the engine specs below:

  • Bore x Stroke 4.09×3.58 (104×91)
  • Compression 9.5:1
  • Max power 707 hp (SAE net); peaks at 6000 rpm
  • Torque 650 lb-ft
  • Fuel 91 octane premium R+M/2
  • Oil 7.5 quarts/7.1 liters, 0W-40 synthetic
  • Coolant 14 quarts (13.25 liters)

The new supercharger is provided by IHI, which also sells superchargers to Mercedes AMG. They worked with Chrysler to develop the specs and design that is considered to provide better instant-on torque than any other. Sealed for life with synthetic oil the supercharger has a drive ratio of 2.36:1 and a maximum speed of 14.600 rpm. The one-way clutch de-coupler improves refinement without detracting from the engine noise. The supercharger gulps air through an Air Catcher inlet port, which replaces the driver’s-side inboard marker light and connects to a twin-inlet, eight-liter air box; the 92 mm throttle body is the largest ever used in a Chrysler Group vehicle.

HellCat Engine-02
In order to keep things safe and somehow under control, not everyone will be able to access Hellcat’s amazing horsepower. Just like Bugatti, which gives owners a special key to access top speeds, Dodge will give owners two key fobs: a red one ( allows access up to 500hp) and a black one (allows access up to 707hp).
Mounting the Hellcat engine on the 2015 Challenger, Dodge takes their project directly in the middle of the supercar territory. The 700 plus ponies that the Hellcat develops, out-muscles some of the icons of the supercar club like the Aventador, the Corvette Z06 and even their own Viper (640).

Dodge has yet to announce pricing for the Hellcat-equipped Challenger, but expect it to fall somewhere in the same territory as Ford’s Shelby Mustang and Chevy’s Camaro Z/28.

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