A JDM Hot Rod

JDM Hot Rod 06

We all know that Japanese are never afraid to tackle any kind of project and inject their own style and ideas along the way. So why not explore a JDM…hot rod? Yes, this is a astonishing example of Japanese perfectionism and style.
Mr. Junichi Shimodaira built one of the coolest hot rods I’ve ever seen, a 1927 Ford Model T. This is a proper hot rod that Mr. Shimodaira even does burn outs at the local stop lights in Nagoya, Japan.
This is also a statement project that Junichi’s shop, Paradise Road has put together with the utmost attention to details.

JDM Hot Rod 02
This is not the first hot rod the crew at Paradise Road have built either. Rodriguez, a 1930 Model A sedan was the project that made them worldwide known. That car currently is privately owned in California, so this states a lot about the quality of the craftsmanship.

JDM Hot Rod 04
Junichi bought this car back in 2006, and it is actually a roadster version. The frame and the suspension were the first thing he tinkered with, fitting coil spring, tube shocks and disk brakes. Other parts were sourced from a 1937 street rod , they were just sitting around the shop.
Junichi cut the rear part of the chassis, moved up the frame rails and fabricated a special suspension with airbags, creating that slammed effect.

JDM Hot Rod 05
When Junichi bought the Ford, the car was in pretty bad shape, so he decided to build a new frame and bodywork. He started with exhaust pipes for the frame which he welded up and added sheet metal, also welded by himself.
The front grille was made from scratch, the outer frame being made from steel. The front light is actually an upside down ’59 Caddy headlight. The rear light is a custom made acrylic bubble that incorporates 500 LED’s.

JDM Hot Rod 01
Since the main inspiration came from the 50s and 60s, the engine is a 348 ci Chevy big block V8 from 1959. The four speed manual transmission was sourced from a 1971 Corvette.
The interior is were everything seems from outer space. I mean look at the cut-out steering wheel from a 1960 Buick and the center console.

JDM Hot Rod 03
Astro provided their polished Supreme wheels, 14 inch in size, wrapped in BF Goodrich Silvertown tires.
Since the car has no doors ,Junichi made a custom top using exhaust pipes and sheet metal, also installing a system to raise the top in order to get in the car.
Paradise Road won the “Best in show” in 2008 at the Yokohama HRCS, this states a lot about the quality of the build.

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