JDM Style BMW M3


We all know that Japanese tuners are regarded as perfectionists and not afraid to tackle any car that they can get their hands on. They even modify cars few people can dream of owning, just take a look at RWB’s creations.

So when a former DC2 Integra Type R, S2000 and NSX owner decided to buy and modify an E92 M3, guess which road he decided to drive on? Of course the JDM style way… The previous Honda cars were all white, so why not go with white for this project also? Great choice Alex.

The front bumper was provided by Ericsson, no not the phone manufacturer, but Powerhouse Amuse’s own BMW tuning brand. Since this car is such a track weapon, carbon fiber Varis double canards add to the downforce. The M3 GTS kidney grille and the black front bumper corners sure add to the fierceness of the frontend.


A JDM car is nothing without JDM wheels, so Alex opted for a set of RAYS Engineering Volk TE37s, of course with a white finish to match the rest of the body. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tyres in 255/35 R 19 upfront and 305/30 R 19 in the rear wrap arount the 9,5×19′ and 10,5×19′ respectively.

The stock suspension provided the perfect balance, so Alex didn’t fiddle with tit too much. The only added mod are the Swift Springs coil which lower the car just enough.


He also changed the stock air filter with a more permissive unit and a titanium exhaust provided by Akrapovic. This does not only get a few more horses form the engine but also adds a very serious grunt to the exhaust note and sheds 14,1 kg of the total weight. Not a bad investment after all.

The aero mods don’t stop at the front bumper, but continue with a set of iND M5 Theme mirros and Exotics Tuning sideskirts. This really helps with the overall JDM style.

There is also a Varis carbon fiber GT wing mounted on the Vorsteiner CSL carbon fiber trunk lid. This car comes close to the M3 CSL E92 that BMWshould have produced, track oriented and lightweight.


For the interior Alex opted for BMW Performance parts. The steering wheel not only provides a led based shift-light but also a small digital screen that lets you check out several temperature and pressure sensors that are mounted on the engine.

The Euro version of the M Dynamic Mode was uploaded in order to unleash more potential form the car, since the American model features a slightly more toned down version of it’s European sibling.


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