JUN V8 powered BRZ


I fell in love with the work that the JUN workshop is capable of several years ago while watching Best Motoring. Their swapped K series engine into almost any Honda model, and even beyond Honda, was a legend. Well, I know we have shown you a lot of AE 86/BRZ projects, but the one prepared by JUN is one of the most interesting and unique ones there are.

The exterior of the car doesn’t scream like a bodykit has been thrown on it. Apart from the yellow paint, exterior modifications include a carbon fiber vented hood supplied by ings,a carbon fiber GT wing also from ings, Valenti headlights with LED orange turn signals and tail lights, a JUB carbon fiber front lip with integrated side canards, JUN carbon fiber side skirts and rear bumper finishers. The car sits on Yokohama Racing Advan Racing GT wheels that measure 9.5×18’ and are wrapped in Advan A050 tires.  These measure 265/35R18 and have one of the stickiest compound available on the market.


The BRZ has a set of race-bred Zeal coilovers, JUN set them up to attack Tsukuba. They are pretty confident this car will lap it in less than 58s. Braking is taken care of by Endless 6-pot monoblock calipers and slotted 2-piece rotors in the front, while in the back there is an Endless 2-pot system.


And now, for the engine: the JUN BRZ is powered by a Synergy 2.4L V8. Synergy is a company from New Zealand that took two 1,200cc Kawasaki engines and combined them at the crank. They first designed the engine to run in midget car speedway racing, but it is very nice to see it in a track weapon also.


Synergy tested this combo in a BRZ for a couple of years and have come up with a brilliant solution: a package that is bolt-on, including an adaptor plate in order to bolt the engine to the stock 6-speed transmission, a SARD Racing LSD with a 5.125 final drive, a dry sump lubrication system with a five stage scavenger, 46 mm throttle bodies with velocity stacks. These are fed through a carbon fiber intake that connects to the stock air intake. Engine management is provided by the MoTeC M150 unit, all stock features being present: traction and stability control, ABS, cruise control as well. The total bill is $70,000 but what you get is 30kg of the factory weight, a lower center of gravity, 356hp @ 10,300 rpm and 271Nm at 8,000 rpm. This V8 can rev up to 11,600 rpm and features a 3’ stainless steel XForce exhaust. The sound is pretty insane.

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