LB Works Aventador Unveiled At SEMA

LB Aventador-01

We have seen our share of tuned Ferrari’s and Porsche’s, so it was about time LB Works started working on a Lamborghini. Kato-san chose an Aventador to modify and unveil it at Sema.LB Aventador-03
It all began with Kato talking to his designer and coming up with the most adequate over-fenders for the base model. Then all was sent to Miura-san at TRA Kyoto, who started mapping the exterior of the car with a 3D laser scanner. Afterwards he used CAD to modify the 3D image in order to send the information to the CNC machines. The FRP panels are produced in about one week.

LB Aventador-02
First off, the color is insane, metallic Shark Blue with matte black accents. The front end has been treated with a massive lip spoiler that replaces the lower section of the bumper. The side splitters add to the whole aggressive look. The front two-piece over-fenders bolt-on to the stock bumper and fenders and continue the angular design that Lamborghini had in mind for the Aventador.

LB Aventador-04
Kato-san opted to get Forgiato in on his project, they came up with a set of Maglia ECL wheels. They measure 9×20′ upfront and 13×21′ in the back, with an ET of -7 and -20, respectively. They cope really well with the widening of the Lambo. Since they were looking to achieve a certain look and stance no matter what, Kato replaced the Stock Ohlins suspension with a AirRex air suspension. All the fenders had to be cut in order to lower the car as much as possible, a mod that only a few can actually make it look good.

LB Aventador-06
The rear end is complemented with a huge carbon fiber GT wing that is mounted on the rear bumper. The rear diffuser has also been fiddled with and it has a more menacing look to it. This car can also spit out flames due to the quad-exit titanium Armytrix exhaust system. It actually works exactly like the original exhaust, the gas route being divided by valves that are manually controlled or set to open at a specific RPM. This not only adds 35 hp but also shaves 28 kg of the stock exhaust.

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