Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Challenge

458 Challenge NEXX pune poza asta

Kato-san of Liberty Walk has created some of the most extreme body modifications we have seen up to now, and this Ferrari 458 Challenge is no different.

The Challenge, unlike the standard 458, has thinner aluminium body panelsin order to keep the weight under control, has policarbonate windows and carbon fiber doors, a full roll cage and a minimalistic interior, center-lock wheels , a racier version of the dual-clutch gearbox with shorter gears.

458 Challenge 2
Kato’s own Challenge features the new carbon fiber front lip/splitter with its lifted center section, Miura style.It is a very durable product able to take the stresses it will be put through on Japan’s finest circuit tracks.

458 Challenge 4
The front overfenders are actually made out of two pieces, while the original panels had to be cut in order to slam this baby to the ground.Kato replaced the original rims with 19′ HRE S103 three piece wheels. They were specially built in order to fit the single lug lock and measure 9×19 inches upfront and 12×19 inches in the rear. Suspension wise the stock adjustable coilovers were set to thei minimum ride height and a set of Roberuta air cups were installed in order to provide a 5 cm lift. This is a bonus, especially for Japanese roads. The special Challenge steering arms were replaced with regular 458 items, so the car can be driven on tight roads.

458 Challenge

The sideskirts are also made out of carbon fiber and contrast the white paint, like the rest of the add-ons. The rear overfenders are also carbon fiber and consist of two pieces, also the ducktail shares the same material as the rest of the kit.

458 Challenge 5
The interior consists of a full roll cage, part of the Challenge package, and of course carbon fiber bucket seats.

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