Litchfield Motors GTR

Litchfield GTR 3

Litchfield Motors is a company that is based in UK and that has established itself as a very serious tuner. I heard about them several years back in an article about a Subaru STI and have been a fan since. They provide modifications for several brands, like BMW, Porsche or Mercedes just to name a few. Litchfield is not a company shy to tackle a supercar, they have worked on numerous projects throughout their history. They even own a Lexus LFA.Litchfield GTR 4
Nowadays they have produced one of the best GTR packages on the market. It’s nice to see that tuning companies from outside of Japan or the US keep improving Godzilla. One of their customers wanted a clean looking GTR that could outperform almost everything on the streets. As you can see there are no fender flares, it’s not entirely made from carbon fiber, it looks like a slightly modified GTR.

Litchfield GTR
Well so does the engine. In fact it is a 4.6 liter conversion that Litchfield is very proud of. Work starts with the original block, the water and oil paths are modified and replaced. After that the Nikasil coated liners are installed and the block is strengthened in order to cope with the massive increase in power. Capricorn is the company that is in charge with these modifications. They are a company that has started in motorsport and was even once rumored to be buying the Nurburgring. All the engine modifications were needed in order to cope with the increase in power that the builders had in mind. The turbos are basically Garret GT30R units, but with custom compressor wheels and TiAL housings. This means the engine delivers 1,200 hp at 1.7 bar of pressure. Didn’t see that one coming while checking out the exterior of the car. The list of engine modifications is enormous, just to name a few: Litchfield/Capricon pistons, Litchfield/Arrow connection rods, Litchfield camshafts, ASNU 1,100 cc injectors, a Litchfield intake kit and a Litchfield 102mm exhaust system with Akrapovic carbon tailpipe trims.

Litchfield GTR 1
Litchfield used F1 technologies in order to build this car. I guess there are a lot of F1 teams and testing facilities in UK, so why not benefit from it? The manifolds have Zircotec and a plasma-sprayed ceramic coating. When is the last time you have seen something like this on a street car?
While Litchfield have produced their own custom intercooler, Forge Motorsport, another UK based company, have provided the transmission cooler. We all know the problems early R35 models had with the transmission, so this is a very useful improvement. The front differential has been swapped with one developed by Litchfield in collaboration with Quaife while the center diff has been modified.

Litchfield GTR 6
The exterior boasts several Varis add-ons, like the front bumper, lip and the sideskirts. This GTR sits on 20’ ADV-1 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires.

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