A Mean Street-Legal Porsche

Street Porsche

Not all projects start the same. Most of them begin with a dream car or a daily driver. Well I guess there are some people that don’t get discouraged when they come across a wrecked car, just like Peter Eriksson of Sweden didn’t. He saw the ‘car’ back in 2007 and it was a pile o bent metal. I mean both ends were wrecked, the entire front suspension was torn off and the roof caved in. It was a miracle the driver escaped the accident without serious injuries.
So Peter bought what was left of the car and took it to his shop. He has a long history in building and racing Porsche’s, including a 994 turbo considered to have been one of the fastest street legal vehicles in Sweden. The main idea was to build a mean street-legal Porsche and to claim that fastest street car title once again.

Street Porsche 1
Work started by cutting off every damaged body piece, the suspension and the powertrain until there was nothing left but the bare chassis. After that it has been fitted with front and rear subframes and uprights sourced from a 997 Cup car. The suspension arms are fully adjustable and have been built by Peter himself, along with custom top mounts that allow for adjustments without affecting the preload of the springs. The car also benefits from 3-way adjustable Ohlinhs dampers and springs. Braking is handled by 6-piston calipers with 380mm rotors in the front and 4-piston calipers with 350mm rotors in the back. There is also an air jack system fitted for tire changes and quick maintenance.

Street Porsche 2

Power is provided by the 3.6 liter turbocharged flat-six engine. It has been stripped of everything not necessary for power and mounted on RSR motor mounts. Other modifications include a pair of SMR/Promotive K24/18G turbos, custom-ported manifolds, larger GT2 RS intercoolers and a 2.5′ dual intake. This setup is good for around 750 hp when in full boost, not a bad figure considering the car weighs around 1300kg. The gearbox is a Porsche Motorsport 996 GT3 R unit with a SQS sequential shifter, along with an upgraded clutch from Sachs and 997 Cup LSD. The car sits on BBS wheels, measuring 10.5×18′ in the front and 12×18′ in the back. They can be wrapped in either Toyo R888 or Michelin slick tires.

Street Porsche 3
Since the car was such in a bad shape when Peter bought it, the exterior left room for any approach. The front has been widened and draws inspiration from the 997 Cup, with a custom splitter and canards. Other mods include a RSR-style rear bumper, lighweight doors and Cup car windows and a huge GT wing.


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