Meet Tajima’s Monster Sport Super GT86 Pikes Peak 660bhp

Tajima’s Monster Sport Super GT86 - 5

If you are not one of the few people that like mental builds , then you might want to look away. But if a  custom AE 86 build can catch your eye, please read on.

Monster Sport are also the guys behind a twin engined Suzuki Escudo , so this project has really good credentials. Monster Tajima is the mastermind behind this massive project. He built this car for rallycross events that he will attend , starting with New Zealand.

RAYS Volk Racing CE28Ns were the wheels of choice , while Gitti off-road tires specially designed for this build provided the best traction possible. In the braking department AP Racing 6-pot calipers do the job of slowing the car down. Tajima’s experience as a Pikes Peak competitor for decades sure came in handy. In the back there is a massive bi-plane wing , keeping the back on track. The exhaust pipes come out just under the wing pillars.

Even if the Super 86 looks similar to a regular AE 86, starting this project from scratch meant that anything could be fabricated, even the carbon fiber and Kevlar exterior. Under the front section we can find a huge horizontally mounted radiator , along with two massive electric air fans and two water sprayers that keep the temperature under control. Customs modified Ohlins rally spec deliver tons of traction, coupled to piggy-back tanks that are remotely mounted. The car is powered by a centrally mounted twin turbo V6 that was built from the ground up.

The two intercoolers had to be custom made , along with the carbon fiber scoops that are positioned on each side of the car. The engine block was milled out of billet aluminium , as well as pretty much every other component and has a 2,977cc displacement. Boost is delivered by two ceramic coated IHI turbochargers , pumping out 670PS and 809Nm . A six-speed sequential transmission and two hidraulic limited slip differentials were also dropped in place, while a MoTec Ecu controls boost and assist the traction in lower gears.

As for the interior, things are kept pretty spartan. The center mounted driver’s seat provides a McLaren F1 feel in some ways and the OMP seatbelts keep you pretty much glued to the seat. The dashboard is made out of carbon fiber , housing the MoTec LCD data logger in the center. The RPM and the gear position are displayed on the screen , which can also show any other sensors that the ECU engages.

Monster Tajima and his Monster Sport crew sure have come up with an original way to express their rallycross dreams.


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