Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG By Varis

Varis A45AMG

Although Mercedes-Benz used to cater for the needs of the  rich and famous, in the past few years they have broadened their clientele basis. Introducing cars in different segments that the ones before also meant that their AMG division could adopt new models, like the new A and CLA.

Varis A45AMG 2
Modifying AMG models is usually Brabus’ turf, but they guys from Varis, Japan thought they should give it a go,since the A 45 AMG and the CLA 45 AMG sell so well in their country. I am sure glad that they did.

Varis A45AMG 4

Even if they use a different name for the parts they produce for non-jdm cars, Varis have provided a very interesting and aggressive body kit for the A 45 AMG. Since this is a demo car, all parts are made of carbon fiber, but clients can also choose FRP in order to cut down the costs.

Varis A45AMG 1

There is a new front lip spoiler with an integrated center square section and an extended lower lip. Since this is the Edition 1, the factory AMG canards were kept and Varis added carbon fiber trims for the side intakes. The whole ideea was to have a black on black on black color scheme, the wheels used are a black set of RAYS , 19′ Volk Racing G25s to be exact. They are wrapped in 235/35 R19 Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires that stick the car to the ground. Speaking of sticking, the suspension has been changed with a set of coilovers made by Spirit.

Varis A45AMG 5

The bodykit includes carbon sideskirts, the VRS carbon hood that not only reduces the weight but helps hot air escape the engine bay and also directs water away from it when it rains,  acarbon roof spoiler that keeps the Edition 1 thing going and a carbon rear diffuser. Since the car is practically brand new the interior was kept OEM. The original seats provide enough lateral support and confort and everything else seems right in place.

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