Mercedes Benz CL 60 tuned by Kicherer


German-based aftermarket Benz tuner Kicherer is banking that some Mercedes-Benz buyers will demand more than even Mercedes-Benz AMG can offer, so they will pay some serious money for higher performance and exquisite luxury with Kicherer CL 60.kicherer-mercedes-benz-cl-600-rear-quarter-overview
To begin with, the Mercedes CL is already a beautiful GT coupe, yet they gave it makeover to make it sharper and cleaner. Made out of carbon fiber the aerodinamycs kit is striking from the rear and manages to enhance the Kicherer CL’s smooth lines while keeping the look of a classic Benz. Unfortunately, the wheels do not go over so well. The “handcrafted multipart 20 inch Kicherer RS-1″ just do not match the overall styling packaging presented by the tuned CL, as they look tacky and out of place.

For a car of its size and mass,equipped with a V12 twin-turbo engine, the AMG-tuned Mercedes-Benz CL600 is real fast and no one in their right mind would think about adding even more power.
However Kicherer raised torque to an equally-overkill 668 lbs-ft of torque and took the horsepower output to a startling 570 horsepower. The suspension was lowered by 25 mm and the handling slightly tightend.
Weighting as mush as a Ford F-150, the coupe is as striking but not very purposeful.


Kicherer Mercedes-Benz CL 60 Specifications

  • Drivetrain Layout Front Engine, RWD
  • Transmission 6 Speed Paddle Shifted Automatic
  • Engine Engine Type Twin Turbo V12
  • Displacement 6.0 Liters
  • Horsepower 570 bhp
  • Torque 688 lb-ft. (900 Nm)
  • Exterior Body Type 2 Door, 4 Seat GT Coupe
  • Wheels Handcrafted Multipart 20 in Kicherer RS-1
  • Exhaust Carbon Fiber Housed Quad Outlet Exhaust

Official Kicherer Press Release

One thing is for sure, a Mercedes CL is one of the most comfortable and largest coupés on the market. And those who will choose the CL 600 with V12 biturbo will even be able to take pleasure in something like sports car characteristics despite the giant’s opulent weight.

And should you care to provide the Super Benz’s sheer luxury with an extra dose of dynamic vitality, Kicherer has in stock what you are looking for.

The specialists from Lake Constance have redefined the CL with several new components – and baptised it CL 60. Among other things, this reinterpretation includes a storming increase in performance from 517 hp to 570 hp and an improved torque resulting in 900 Nm.

Moreover, the vehicle has been provided with a high-performance rear axle equipped with a differential lock and a modified transmission control module assuring that the excessive powers will always be transformed into performance – whatever the situation.

The contact to the tarmac is established by the handcrafted multipart 20″ Kicherer RS-1 wheels. Accordingly, the chassis has been lowered electronically by 25 millimetres and comes up with a slightly racier characteristic now – which, however, will still offer the spoiled owner a sufficient amount of remaining comfort.

The exterior has been blessed with several modifications as well. Here, altered side skirts, a front and a rear apron meet a handful of high-end carbon components by Kicherer. At the front, the latter consist of special deflectors for the bumper and a modified front grill. At the side, they consist of mirror shells made of that precious material mentioned before, and, at the rear, we find an impressive diffuser framed by a four-pass sports exhaust system.

The interior will delight the owner with sporty luxuries as well, since here he will find an opulent combination of finest leather and racy carbon intarsia.

For all these reasons and more, the Kicherer CL 60 is, without any doubt, the most consistent realisation of a dynamic luxury coupé in our time. Appearance and performance have come together in perfect harmony.

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