The New CLA Brabus


Having a custard-smooth styling, the Mercedes CLA has attracted the admiration of car enthusiasts from all over the world. You may thing that the car doesn’t need more visual spice, but that’s not what the team at Brabus thinks, so they released a tweaked version of the new CLA45 AMG with red accents and a bit more muscle.From the visual point of view there are few elements that stand out like the Brabus Monoblock wheels and the sport exhaust system with quad tailpipes. The bespoke wheels are available in five different designs, but the red banded, five double-spoke 19 inch really fit the look of the car and match the color on the grille and mirrors.
The tuner also gave the CLA a red-accented body kit with a new trim piece at the front, a rear lip spoiler and a roof edge spoiler.

The Brabus version of the CLA comes with an additional PowerXtra kit which enables the engine to reach 394 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Customers can also opt to leave the top speed limiter at 155 miles per hour or do the smart thing and raise it to 168. The tuner claims that the car reaches 0-60 mph in 4.2 second, compared to 4.4 seconds in stock form.


The fat CLA footprint is complemented by a set of Brabus sport springs, specially calibrated to be used with the stock shock absorbers.

The interior follows the theme of the car and wears more crimson adornment and allows customers to cover almosat every surface in Alcantara leather.


Brabus has done a great job making the CLA45 AMG look more aggressive without going too far and it certainly is a car that will make heads turn.

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