The New Tomei Exhaust

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Recognized for its technology, performance and reliability, Tomei Jidousha tuning firm was established way back in 1968 by Seiichi Suzuki. Through its success the brand “Tomei” was formed. Today Tomei is still producing high quality exhausts, engine internals, intakes and turbochargers.

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Constructed with the best titanium grade materials Tomei’s Expreme Ti Titanium Muffler for the Subaru WRX GR an GV, is a true competition part. The racing layout was designed to be as straight as possible for increased flow and unlike the OEM exhaust this will feature single piping to reduce weight. The weight drop is of about 34lb, compared to the stock exhaust. Tomei has conducted an exhaust noise test for both the GVB and the GRF, and the results show that without the inner silencer the GVB was at 105 db while the GRF was at 99db. When mounting the silencer the GVB reached 96db and the GRF 95 db. The MSRP for the Expreme Ti Titanium Muffler is 1.090,00 $ and is for off road use only. For more details log on to

Tomei Exhaust-03


Tomei’s Expreme Ti Titanium Muffler

  • High Grade Titanium
  • Horsepower Gains
  • Weight reduction


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