90mm Billet Throttle Body From K-Tuned

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It’s no secret that for several years big domestic throttle bodies have been making their way onto import engines. Making them work, well that’s a long and painful story. The team at K-Tuned saw this problem as an opportunity and designed their K-Tuned 90mm Billet Throttle Body. Their product has several features that really sets them apart : [Read more...]

Impreza WRX Buying Guide

Impreza WRX Guide-03

I guess you don’t need me to tell you why an Impreza is worthy of your money, if you do …clearly you are reading the wrong post. Just to recap: four-wheel drive, all weather performance, stunning boxer engine with low center of gravity, widely tuneable and there is that noise! That noise alone is a good reason to love this car! [Read more...]

The New Tomei Exhaust

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Recognized for its technology, performance and reliability, Tomei Jidousha tuning firm was established way back in 1968 by Seiichi Suzuki. Through its success the brand “Tomei” was formed. Today Tomei is still producing high quality exhausts, engine internals, intakes and turbochargers. [Read more...]

How To Detect Modified Mileage.

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When deciding on buying a used car, one of the biggest fears, even bigger than the fear of buying faulty parts, is that of manipulated miles. In my experience the fear is quite unfounded and although there are no statistics on this matter I would risk and say that at least 35% of used cars for sale do not show the actual miles on the odometer. [Read more...]

Continental TrueContact Performance Tires.

Continental TrueContact-01

Fresh out of Continental Tire production labs comes the new all-season performance tire called TrueContact. The new model is claimed to provide the best-in-class wet braking and better wear that, company states, can save up to $550 over the life of the tire. True Contact was designed for a wide range of vehicles, and comes with Continentals new technology: [Read more...]

HellCat, The Most Powerful Muscle Car Engine.

HellCat Engine-01

Up to now, the most powerful Mopar four-seater ever made was the Dodge Charger Daytona back in 1970, which broke the 200mph barrier and packed a hot 426 Hemi V8. Lately Dodge teased the automotive world with tales about their new Hellcat Hemi engine. Can the new engine meet or beat it’s predecessor? Well, Dodge blew everyone away when they finally announced that the engine will produce an astronomical 707 horsepower and 650 ft/lbs of torque achieved by mounting a supercharger on it’s 6.2 liter HEMI V8. The engine, used only by SRT, will be available on the 2015 Charger, 2015 Challenger and maybe on a new SRT Ram. [Read more...]