Nissan Nismo BNR34

Nismo BNR34-07

Nismo is one of the most exclusive tuner for Nissan sport and not so sport cars. Over the 30 years of history, Nismo has come up with some very cool and reliable modifications. Being the official tuner for Nissan, the exclusive parts come at a high price, but you pay for what you get, quality at it’s best.The Nismo Omori Factory has created the Clubman Race Spec, and this could just might be the ultimate street BNR34 ever created.This project was created in order to showcase the best parts Nismo has created for the R34 since it came out the factory 15 years ago. Even if we have seen some os the Z-tune and regular Nismo parts, some of them are now available in dry carbon. What’s most important that they are OEM replacements, so they will fit every time without any hickups.

Nismo BNR34-01
The front bumper and wider front fenders are made of dry carbon, also the front lip spoiler shares the same material. The slashes in the front fenders are fully functionable and are the outcome of years of racing.They channel hot air from the engine compartment and also help aerodynamics. The engine hood is the R-tune carbon fiber bonnet, allowing hot air to escape the engine bay more easily and keeps water away when it rains. You can see that no detail has been left overlooked.

Nismo BNR34-03
Nismo now offers brake kits for earlier GTR models that include brake rotors, calipers,steel braided lines and Nismo brake pads that are normally fitted on the R35.
The car sits on 18′ Rays Engineering Nismo LM GT4 wheels wrapped in Advan Neova AD08 tyres.
Nismo side and rear skirts were added along with the overfenders strips in the back, required to pas strict Japanese laws.

Nismo BNR34-04
In the engine department you will see the R2-spec RB25, an engine that has been around for years. Being based on a N1-based block with some Nismo parts, the engine delivers aroung 450 hp. The Nismo turbos deliver 1.2 bar of boost and the R35 injector setup helps to improve mid-range response and also helps with emissions.
This car features some demo parts , let’s hope that they will be eavailbale some day.This shows that Nismo hasn’t given up on older models. Parts like the carbon fiber turbo inlet pipes, the carbon air box and a new titanium strut bar are in the making.

Nismo BNR34-05
In order to cope with over 450 hp, the clutch has been swapped with a Nismo Copper Mix twin-plate unit. There is also a front 1.5 way Nismo LSD while te rear onw has a 3.9:1 final gear. The Nismo Z-tune Attesa ET-S ecu is programmed to keep the car in full-AWD mode for a longer time in order to profit from the grip the set-up provides. Grip is also taken care of by the Ohlinhs adjustable suspension.

Nismo BNR34-06
But this car isn’t meant only for circuit use since Nismo has a lot of clients that use their rides every day. The interior boasts a HPI half-rollcage, a Recaro SR-6 seat for the passenger and a Recaro RS-G SK seat for the driver. There is also an Alcantara wrapped Nardi steering wheel and a 320 km/h tachometer whis is pretty cool.

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