The Swedish Nissan S13

Swedish S13 1

When modifying a popular car like the Nissan S13 you can rely on the experience others have had in building their own. Or you can have a totally different approach, like Sweden’s Christoffer Pettersson did. His main goal wasn’t to get crazy amounts of horsepower, but rather focus on the details.

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Litchfield Motors GTR

Litchfield GTR 3

Litchfield Motors is a company that is based in UK and that has established itself as a very serious tuner. I heard about them several years back in an article about a Subaru STI and have been a fan since. They provide modifications for several brands, like BMW, Porsche or Mercedes just to name a few. Litchfield is not a company shy to tackle a supercar, they have worked on numerous projects throughout their history. They even own a Lexus LFA. [Read more...]

StarRoad Kenmeri


There is something cool and interesting about classic cars. Even if they are American muscle cars, Japanese touge legends or European slick designed cars, there is a huge market out there for these cars and for their modifications. [Read more...]

Halloween Silvia S13


Most drift cars we’ve seen in the past years are monster builds with somewhat insane budgets. Pro drifters around the world have tubular chassis with power figures shy of the 1,000 hp mark. What if I told you that some people choose a different route for their cars? They can be found along the mountain roads in Japan, of course were it all started. [Read more...]

Nissan Nismo BNR34

Nismo BNR34-07

Nismo is one of the most exclusive tuner for Nissan sport and not so sport cars. Over the 30 years of history, Nismo has come up with some very cool and reliable modifications. Being the official tuner for Nissan, the exclusive parts come at a high price, but you pay for what you get, quality at it’s best.The Nismo Omori Factory has created the Clubman Race Spec, and this could just might be the ultimate street BNR34 ever created. [Read more...]

The New Nissan Nismo 370Z

Nismo 370Z-04

This high performance coupe is the second model in Nissan’s performance division line-up to come, after launching the Nismo Juke in 2013. Everything about this car reminds me of playing Need For Speed Underground, because it’s just a perfect mix of import tuner and muscle that makes night cruising a way of life. [Read more...]

The Phantom GT-R By Amuse

GT-R Amuse-03

The guys from Amuse, who are famous for their take on the previous generations of Nissan Skylines, appear to be unphased by the Japanese governments attempts to crack-down on tuned cars. Yes, that’s right, the Japanese Government made a deal with Nissan that aims to keep tuned cars off the streets. The deal is that any modification, no matter how small, on Nissan’s GT-R leads to the loss of warranty. Despite this “deal” and the fear that Nissan’s new GT-R wouldn’t tolerate anyone tinkering around with its innards, Japan’s industrious tuning firm has managed to develop a number of aftermarket parts claimed to boost performance of the supercar. [Read more...]

Building A Dream Car, The Fairlady S30

Fairlady S30-02

In the last few years the internet has managed to change the way that people tackle car projects. Thanks to his invention, anything can become worldwide known in just a couple of hours. So it was only a matter of time until the Japanese would take inspiration from other corners of the earth. They have such a nice blend of traditionality and avantgarde thinking. [Read more...]