Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 1

I guess we all know what Wangan stands for: huge horsepower figures and the constant chase for that top speed.I remember seeing the Top Secret V12  Supra a few years back and thinking how is this possible without buying a supercar. Remember that back in those days there were no twin-turbo Gallardos,no Bugatti Veyron with it’s 400 km/h top speed,pretty much there weren’t many cars to get close to the 1000 hp mark.

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Bad Ass Stance Nissan Silvia S13

Stance Nissan Silvia S13 3

We all know Japanese tuners like to bring their own style into any car related project. From track oriented cars, time-attack projects, top speed Wangan racers to the drift cars. So when Michihiro Takatori of Stance Japan decided to swap an american sourced V8 into a Silvia S13 there was no stopping him. This car has allready been driven by Horiguchi in the D1 Street Legal championship. Michihito himself used to drive the Autobacs R34 in Formula D so he really knows what to expect from such a build.

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