Building A Dream Car, The Fairlady S30

Fairlady S30-02

In the last few years the internet has managed to change the way that people tackle car projects. Thanks to his invention, anything can become worldwide known in just a couple of hours. So it was only a matter of time until the Japanese would take inspiration from other corners of the earth. They have such a nice blend of traditionality and avantgarde thinking. [Read more...]

1973 Plymouth Barracuda Full Restoration Project

Kiwi Cuda

Any car enthusiast knows that nothing can steal your heart like a full restoration project. Sure you can buy a fast car or tune your own, but a full project build is something that needs a lot of attention, time and most of all passion. That is exactly how this project started, out of Aaron Beck’s passion for design and muscle cars. Of course his experience as a concept designer has helped, as Aaron was able to get all the design done at his workplace. Talk about great bosses… [Read more...]

HellCat, The Most Powerful Muscle Car Engine.

HellCat Engine-01

Up to now, the most powerful Mopar four-seater ever made was the Dodge Charger Daytona back in 1970, which broke the 200mph barrier and packed a hot 426 Hemi V8. Lately Dodge teased the automotive world with tales about their new Hellcat Hemi engine. Can the new engine meet or beat it’s predecessor? Well, Dodge blew everyone away when they finally announced that the engine will produce an astronomical 707 horsepower and 650 ft/lbs of torque achieved by mounting a supercharger on it’s 6.2 liter HEMI V8. The engine, used only by SRT, will be available on the 2015 Charger, 2015 Challenger and maybe on a new SRT Ram. [Read more...]

Porsche 964 Receives RWB Treatment



Up to now, all Nakai’s San creations from RWB meant huge bolted-on fender flares, wide wheels and tires and, in some cases, a little fiddling with the engine department.

Up until now when Nakai San decided to draw his inspiration from the 1976 IROC race cars. Actually the ideea came after a special request from a customer. [Read more...]

Lexus IS-F by Five Axis Presented At Los Angeles Auto Show

IS-F FiveAxis-01

Founded in 1995, Five Axis, came from Troy Sumitomo’s passion for precision and quality which is clearly reflected in each of Five Axis’ show cars, concepts, and designs. The team at Five Axis has been designing and building cars for automotive manufacturers and design studios for quite some time, but what really caught our eye is the Lexus IS-F they have designed for the L.A. Auto Show. [Read more...]

JDM Style BMW M3


We all know that Japanese tuners are regarded as perfectionists and not afraid to tackle any car that they can get their hands on. They even modify cars few people can dream of owning, just take a look at RWB’s creations.

So when a former DC2 Integra Type R, S2000 and NSX owner decided to buy and modify an E92 M3, guess which road he decided to drive on? Of course the JDM style way… The previous Honda cars were all white, so why not go with white for this project also? Great choice Alex.

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Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Garage G Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 1

Since the the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is not getting a new model anytime soon, the Evo X is the latest weapon against the STI’s. And I’m talking about time attack wars that take place all over Japan , since they are blessed with so many racetracks.
One of the most respected tuning crews in Japan is the garage G-Force crew, since they stole the title of the quickest Evo X back in 2011 from the Koyama Racing Labo with their white Evo X. They actually ran a 57s lap on the Tsukuba racetrack, which is quite impressive.

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Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 1

I guess we all know what Wangan stands for: huge horsepower figures and the constant chase for that top speed.I remember seeing the Top Secret V12  Supra a few years back and thinking how is this possible without buying a supercar. Remember that back in those days there were no twin-turbo Gallardos,no Bugatti Veyron with it’s 400 km/h top speed,pretty much there weren’t many cars to get close to the 1000 hp mark.

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