The Skunworks Porsche RS-4

Skunkworks RS-4 1

Porsche makes some of the most timeless designs in the car industry. Of course I am talking about the 911, which is an unmistakable icon. I have always dreamt about owning one, I probably will for a long time. So I will just present you another modified 911.

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A Mercury Truck They Never Made

'34 Mercury Truck

Matt Hooper is a guy that has built and owned several early Fords and one day decided to build a hot rod pickup that he could drive around town. The plan wasn’t to develop a nice car, bare metal, a cool stance and a chop should have been enough for him. What he ended up with you will see.

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A Racing Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308 3

It’s not often you get to see a racing Ferrari. And it’s even more rare when you get to see a classic racing Ferrari, especially on tarmac roads. Well, this 308 (not a Peugeot) does just this in Australia.

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The Pit Road M RX7

Pit Road M RX7 1

Pit Road M is one of Japan’s most hardcore tuners, even though they aren’t that well known outside the country. They are located in the Hyogo-ken area and are responsible for some of the sickest time-attack cars in Japan. Pit Road M is usually dealing with Mitsubishi cars and even GTRs, but they wanted to build something different.

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The Taulbert ’32

The Taulbert

Usually hot-rods are stuffed with huge V8 engines, really fat rear tires and painted flames. Well, there are hot-rod cars that have a more traditional feel. If you’re into this type of project, you might have heard of Webb and Taulbert.
This is their ’32 roadster. They started with a Brookville body, clean shaved the doors and installed a new hood. Later on they decided to fix it since it wasn’t fitting quite right, so they took the whole car to be painted by Darryl Hollenbeck in California.

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The Bandit Pontiac Trans Am

Pontiac Trans Am 5

One of the most popular American cars of the ‘70s was the Pontiac Trans Am. Despite its lack of power, a trait of the ‘70s, the car became famous while starring in the Smokey & The Bandit movies, alongside Burt Reynolds. This feature sparkled a lot of dreams inside a lot of people.
One of those people was Gregg Hamilton from New Zealand, a guy that has quite a motorsport career. He used to race in Japan with Tein’s rally team, with Toyota Team Europe (TTE for short) in Germany and with Prodrive in the UK. For the last 10 years he’s lived in the US and worked with drivers like Dave Mirra, Travis Pastrana and ken Block. Gregg is currently senior technician for the Hoonigan team.

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