ROTAC 2015


ROTAC is a new competition that just had it’s first race. The name stands for Romanian Time Attack Challenge. It’s nice to see that this kind of racing gets imported from Japan into other countries.

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Worthersee 2015

Instead of writing an article on a single car and presenting you its details, I thought I would show you some footage I have found online from one of the biggest meets in the world, Worthersee. People travel from all across Europe to get there, and it’s a festival like no other.

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A Vauxhall Powered Ford Escort

Ford Escort

Sometimes there are rivalries in the automotive business. People usually take sides and start debating which is best: BMW or Mercedes, Gemballa or Techart, USA or Japan etc. There are two companies based in UK, Ford in the suburb of Dagenham in London and Vauxhall in the town of Luton, nearly 50 miles away. There are also people that cross the barriers and, in this case, built a Vauxhall powered Ford Escorts. This is Paul Reene.

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A TTS Built For Track


Most of the cars you usually see during track days in Japan are any of the following: Nissan GT-R, Silvia , Subaru STI and it EVO rival, Mazda RX7 and almost any type of Honda. There are also the exotics, like the M3 or the supercars.  So when an Audi TTS shows up with the proper setup it’s probably it will raise some eyebrows.

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The M3 BMW Never Produced

M3 E91 Touring 2

While Audi and Mercedes have been busy producing the RS4 and the C 63 AMG in an estate form, BMW never rolled out a M3 wagon. Well maybe they should have, I’m sure there would have been a lot of customers for such a car.

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The Advance Flatout NSX

Advance Flatout NSX

I can never get bored of looking at another modified Honda NSX. There is something about this iconic car that never gets old. Maybe it is the design, maybe it’s the engineering behind this car, I don’t know. A while back I have shown you a NSX modified by a shop called Advance. Well this is another project based on the same car, but with some other goals.

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Wangan Evo

Wangan EVO

There are drag cars, drift cars, time attack cars, VIP cars, street cars. And there are Wangan cars. This type of race was invented in Japan and is meant for high speeds. I remember when Top Secret used to be one of the top tuners for this type of builds. Today I will show some very rare, a Mitsubishi Evo IX estate modified by Garage G-Force.

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HMS H63 RS700


Usually power figures over 600 hp are reserved for supercars. So what happens when you need more space for kids and shopping bags, but still want to drive really fast? Well, the HMS Tuning H63 RS700 might be what you’re looking for.

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