Classic Escort Cosworth

Wengler Racing RS1800-08

Yves Faber is a man that is living his dream. After racing in the International Drift Series in a Fox-body Mustang until 2010, he retired in order to spend more time with his family. His company, Wengler Racing, is full of all kinds of projects, old and new. The project I am about to show you is a perfect Group 4 Spec Ford Escort RS1800, in mint condition. [Read more...]

A JDM Chevelle Wagon


Back in the day, before the oil crisis, there was no such thing as an SUV. There was no Mercedes ML, BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne. Everybody had to do with station wagons. Nowadays things have changed and we can buy SUVs that have over 500 hp, not to mention the modified models that can have several hundred hp more. There aren’t any cool station wagons anymore, maybe except the Golf R and the Audi RS models. [Read more...]

StarRoad Kenmeri


There is something cool and interesting about classic cars. Even if they are American muscle cars, Japanese touge legends or European slick designed cars, there is a huge market out there for these cars and for their modifications. [Read more...]

1200 hp Z06 Corvette


A 1200 hp Z06 Corvette sound pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Well, this car really is. It is a 2007 Corvette Z06 and it belongs to Marcus Ostlid from Sweden. He is part of Team Insane Racing, their other project being a crazy Chevy Monte Carlo built for drag racing. I bet in the US this would not be seen as an exotic project, but in Europe a blown Corvette track car isn’t something you see very often. I mean 1200 hp for drag racing is ok, but for a track car it requires a different set of balls. [Read more...]

Red USDM Lexus IS

Lexus IS 1

We all know that Japanese cars get different models and engines when they get exported to international markets. Usually the engines have less horsepower and aren’t that hipped up as their JDM relatives. Every once in a while though USDM models seem more appealing. Take the first generation IS, which was named Toyota Altezza in Japan, powered by a Yamaha-tuned 2.0L four cylinder engine. Its stateside cousin got a 3.0L inline six instead. [Read more...]

Halloween Silvia S13


Most drift cars we’ve seen in the past years are monster builds with somewhat insane budgets. Pro drifters around the world have tubular chassis with power figures shy of the 1,000 hp mark. What if I told you that some people choose a different route for their cars? They can be found along the mountain roads in Japan, of course were it all started. [Read more...]

A Mean Street-Legal Porsche

Street Porsche

Not all projects start the same. Most of them begin with a dream car or a daily driver. Well I guess there are some people that don’t get discouraged when they come across a wrecked car, just like Peter Eriksson of Sweden didn’t. He saw the ‘car’ back in 2007 and it was a pile o bent metal. I mean both ends were wrecked, the entire front suspension was torn off and the roof caved in. It was a miracle the driver escaped the accident without serious injuries. [Read more...]

Red Bmw E30 Turbo Made in Norway


Every now and then a project born in Scandinavia catches my attention. Car purists look away, because this is a BMW E30 turbo that shares it’s looks with an M3. Stig , not the one from Topgear, loved the classic look of the BMW E30 but wanted to benefit from updated technology and performance. Stig is 25 and was born in Norway. [Read more...]

Enrique’s Red Supra

Red Supra 1

Enrique Munoz was just a teenager in the mid ’90s and he would head to Long Beach on Sunday nights to watch the races. And there it was where he started dreaming about his own Supra. He saw a poster of two JGTC versions at a buddy’s house and an actual Royal Sapphire Blue example. He knew he had to have one. [Read more...]