Peter’s LaSupra!

LaSupra 4

Of course anybody is free to modify their car to best suit their wants and needs.Well, mostly their wants. So if a guy wants to swap a 2JZ into his Lancia Delta Integrale HF, especially if he is from Stockholm, I’m sure he will finally swap that engine and create an epic Lancia Delta.
Peter Pentell is the crazy guy behind this whole insane project. As you may have noticed in the past few years, Scandinavians are pretty fond of the 2JZ powerplant,an engine thatis highly regarded in that gloomy part of Europe.

LaSupra 3
The engine isn’t the only thing sourced form a Supra, since the stock Lancia parts weren’t going to make it due to the increased horespower. So the transmission and thw hole rear end were taken out of a donor JZA80.The engine has been assembled by the guys at Supramannen Racing and in it’s final version it will have around 1000 hp, which is not bad at all for a 20 year old car.This being a Scandinavian build, I was sure that there were a lot of insane ideas thrown in the project. Take the spaceframe rollbar for example : it’s custom fabrication took many many hours to be completed but the feeling of safety you get when you climb inside is second to none. I guess driving a 1000 hp car demands you pay attention to safety.

LaSupra 2
Having an inline-six engine fitted meant that the driver’s position had to be modified. The driver’s seat and the pedals have been moved towards the back a few inches.
Because Peter “almost” built this car from the ground up, he was able to install all the controls and gauges in a driver-oriented manner, while keeping the most important features in fornt of him, on the new dashboard. Everything else is mounted out of sighton the right side of the console.

LaSupra 5
The suspension is practically insane for a home build project, but Peter knew what his car needed : a set of adjustable racing dampers that are actuated by push-rods. I mean seriously, this type of suspension is used in hypercars and motorsport, not in a car built a guys garage.
Since Lancia is a Italian brand, Peter decided to paint it in Ferrari Formula 1 Red, and it looks just amazing.

He also custom built the aluminium gas tanks, yes he has two, that sit on each side of the transmission tunnel. For safety reasons Peter lined the exterior of the gearbox with explosion carpet in order to keep thing safe in case the clutch decides to fly out.
This project is nearly complete so we wish better all the best in order to truly reveal the world’s most insae Lancia Delta build.


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