The Phantom GT-R By Amuse

GT-R Amuse-03

The guys from Amuse, who are famous for their take on the previous generations of Nissan Skylines, appear to be unphased by the Japanese governments attempts to crack-down on tuned cars. Yes, that’s right, the Japanese Government made a deal with Nissan that aims to keep tuned cars off the streets. The deal is that any modification, no matter how small, on Nissan’s GT-R leads to the loss of warranty. Despite this “deal” and the fear that Nissan’s new GT-R wouldn’t tolerate anyone tinkering around with its innards, Japan’s industrious tuning firm has managed to develop a number of aftermarket parts claimed to boost performance of the supercar.GT-R Amuse-04
Amuse has a long history of tuning the GT-R, with previous generations based on the twin-turbocharged RB26DETT 2.6L engine developing in excess of 1,000hp, they couldn’t miss out on tuning the latest GT-R model. Although, initial testing showed that even simple mods such as adding new wheels or breathing mods could make the car’s ECU go haywire, Japan’s Amuse has shown that it is possible to boost the car’s performance levels far beyond the claimed factory output of 473hp.
GT-R Amuse-02
Based on the luxurious Black Edition model, Amuse’s Phantom GT-R develops 602hp at 6,500rpm and 571lb-ft of torque at 5,300rpm, which is enough to see the car run Japan’s legendary Tsukuba test circuit in just 1m and 1.32 seconds.
The modifications on the GT-R started with the removal of the car’s speed limiter, followed by an ECU retune to accommodate much high boost pressures. The car’s standard exhaust system is also replaced with a lighter high-flow titanium unit, which is joined by an electronic boost controller. Handling was improved by adding stiffer springs and threaded sleeves that allow for height adjustment at front and rear.
The interior of the Amuse Nissan GTR Phantom features RECARO carbon-Kevlar racing seats, along with a removable Momo steering wheel. The weight savings from the new carbon seats plus the titanium exhaust add up to a substantial 100 pounds, bringing the car’s final kerb weight to just over 3,690 pounds all up.
GT-R Amuse-01
Sadly this is the last car to be built by Power House Amuse under their president Hideki Tanabe as we learned this morning that he passed away on the 20th September 2008. No word yet on a successor but whoever it is will have a strong reputation to maintain.



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