Porsche 911 Lightspeed Classic

911 Lightspeed Classic-01

The Porsche 911 model has come a long way since it’s first debut. Some people may say that it has got a lot more fat, it lost it’s main purpose, some say it has evolved sintit came out in 1963. But there are also people that see the advantages of all 911 models and take matters into their own hands.

911 Lightspeed Classic-03

Mr. Ralf Skatulla falls in the later category. He is the owner of Autoaktiv Motorsport, a shop based in Taufkirchen, close to Munich, and he is a true petrolhead. He also worked for Porsche for 13 years and has been involved in their motorsport program, taking care of their clients.
After he left Porsche he started planning on building his dream car. The whole ideea behind his project was to take modern Porsche parts and swap them into a classic 911 body. This meant the maintenance costs could be cut down and that the car could be serviced in any Porsche dealer.

911 Lightspeed Classic-02
The donor chassis was stripped and clean, all the rust was eliminated and then the whole body was sent to be galvanised. Since this is a not-so-tame car, additional welds and chassis stiffening were added.
The wheelarches were widenend in order to fit the wide 17′ wheels and the car looks almost as wide as the 930 turbo. All four fenders and the hood are made out of carbon fiber, keeping the weight down to around 1 ton, which is pretty amazing for today’s standards.

911 Lightspeed Classic-04
The engine, sourced from a 964 RS pumps out 340 hp and 379Nm and it revs up to 7,500 rpm. The car has a 100-cell cat and the muffler was taken from a 911 RSR. The transmission was taken out of a 996 Turbo and it was coupled with a 997 GT3 RS clutch that could take all the abuse.
Being a Porsche, of course the fuel tank is upfront and it holds 100L of racing fuel. The wheels were made by Fuchs abd feature a BBS lip, measuring 9×17′ upfront and 11×17′ in the rear. They are wrapped in 225/45R17 and 275/40R17 tires.

911 Lightspeed Classic-05
The suspension is a Bilstein unit taken from a 911 RSR while the brakes came of a 996 GT3 Cup car, with six-piston calipers upfront and 4 pistons in the back. The brake discs are the ones developed for the 965 Turbo and measure 322 mm. Brake force distribution cand be adjusted from a knob situated on the shifter unit.
The seats are made for the 997 GT2 model and keep the weight down, being mad form carbon fiber. Not to mention thatthey are foldable seats. There are also power windows, a special customer request, and a leather wrapped bolt-on Clubsport roll-cage.

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