Porsche 964 Receives RWB Treatment



Up to now, all Nakai’s San creations from RWB meant huge bolted-on fender flares, wide wheels and tires and, in some cases, a little fiddling with the engine department.

Up until now when Nakai San decided to draw his inspiration from the 1976 IROC race cars. Actually the ideea came after a special request from a customer.

This is a Porsche 964 that after RWB’s special treatment has that RSR look thanks to the ftont bumper with the unmistakable center air dam and the two lateral round intakes that drive cool air to the front brakes. The front lower lip painted in black helps prevent scratches and cracks in the bumper and adds to the aggressive look. The Bosch headlight lenses and the chrome rings around them look very retro.

Like I have said before, this car doesn’t feature huge bolted on over fenders, but the flaring is seamlessly integrated to the bodywork.The front has been widened by 5 cm, maybe that is the reason why it won’t steal the show like Nakai’s san former projects.

They decided to team up with Work in order to produce the perfect wheels for this daily-driver and came up with a set of Meister RWB special model. The rim is reversed for a unique look and the wheels measure 10,5×18′ upfront and 12,5×18′ in the back. They are wrapped in 265/35ZR18 and 315/30ZR18 Advan Sport tyres for better daily handling.
Those relatively wide rear whees sit tight under the 15 cm extended fenders, which are vented in the front and also in the back.

As you can see the RSR treatment was maintained allround with a whale tail wing in the back.US Spec style tail lights with the red turn signal lenses keep thing smooth.
The engine has been left untouched, the only addition beeing the stainless steel exhaust meant to provide a little more grunt to that flat six engine sound.

The only mods to the interior are the RWB steetinf wheel that replaces the original Porsche unit and the HKS Circuit Attack Counter. Maybe this car will see it’s days of track use.



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