A Mean Street-Legal Porsche

Street Porsche

Not all projects start the same. Most of them begin with a dream car or a daily driver. Well I guess there are some people that don’t get discouraged when they come across a wrecked car, just like Peter Eriksson of Sweden didn’t. He saw the ‘car’ back in 2007 and it was a pile o bent metal. I mean both ends were wrecked, the entire front suspension was torn off and the roof caved in. It was a miracle the driver escaped the accident without serious injuries. [Read more...]

Porsche 911 Lightspeed Classic

911 Lightspeed Classic-01

The Porsche 911 model has come a long way since it’s first debut. Some people may say that it has got a lot more fat, it lost it’s main purpose, some say it has evolved sintit came out in 1963. But there are also people that see the advantages of all 911 models and take matters into their own hands. [Read more...]

Porsche 964 Receives RWB Treatment



Up to now, all Nakai’s San creations from RWB meant huge bolted-on fender flares, wide wheels and tires and, in some cases, a little fiddling with the engine department.

Up until now when Nakai San decided to draw his inspiration from the 1976 IROC race cars. Actually the ideea came after a special request from a customer. [Read more...]

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine1

In the past few years , we have seen the modified Porsche scene evolve. Starting with the European scene with it’s insane power figures, with tuners like Gemballa, Ruf, 9FF, TechArt engaging in a power war, continuing to Japan based cars from RWB with their insane wide-body conversions , to the many stiles Mr. Magnus Walker has to show in to his dream Porsche collection that any car enthusiast can only drool about.

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RWD Purple Porsche 911 (933) Turbo Rotana by Nakai

Rotana 1

There are a lot of paths a Porsche 911 fans can “drive” down: from the first generations 911 , to the sweet curves of the 930 and all the turbo models, to the more recent track oriented GT3 and GT3RS and the widow maker GT2 and it’s RS variant.

Nakai of RWB just knew he had to give the world his own interpretation of a 993 Turbo, in my one of the sweetest cars ever made.The RWB Rotana isthe first turbo Nakai san has laid his hands on. The name was inspired after a visit to UAE where Nakai saw a purple Lambo while passing a building named Rotana, while he was working on a customer build.

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