Red USDM Lexus IS

Lexus IS 1

We all know that Japanese cars get different models and engines when they get exported to international markets. Usually the engines have less horsepower and aren’t that hipped up as their JDM relatives. Every once in a while though USDM models seem more appealing. Take the first generation IS, which was named Toyota Altezza in Japan, powered by a Yamaha-tuned 2.0L four cylinder engine. Its stateside cousin got a 3.0L inline six instead.
Oh and what an engine it is. This inline six is actually the NA version of the famous 2JZ from the Supra. Well, this care here belongs to Faiz Rahman and it’s no longer NA. He works as an automotive photographer and has owned this IS for the last two years. Since there are so many Supra builds, he chose the ‘sedan way’. The main goal was to build a car that is fun on the street and can tackle the occasional track-day.

Lexus IS
The engine is not NA anymore like I’ve said earlier. Chris and Mike are a couple of Faiz’s friends that worked on the engine, they installed a Comp Turbo 6767 ball bearing turbo , a TiAL wastegate and blow-off valve, an ARC Super Induction Box with dual filters and a Delta Fin front mount intercooler. Once all the upgrades will be in place, such as a new fuel system and a proper engine tuning, it will push around 500 hp to the rear wheels. The driveline also has some upgrades, like a Clutchmasters 3000 clutch and pressure plate, a Fidanza lightweight flywheel and a TRD limited slip diff.

Lexus IS 2
Since the car will also be used on track-days, the suspension used is a Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro with two-way dampers and external reservoirs, along with a Fortune Auto Muller Air Cup lift System for those occasional speed bumps. Chassis strengthening includes a front tower bar from Juran Racing and a rear sway bar from Hotchkis Sport Suspension. Braking is taken care of by the front Rotora big brake kit and the drilled/slotted disks in the rear.

Lexus IS 3
Exterior mods include a Vertex front bumper fitted with a custom lower lip and front splitter. In the rear there is a diffuser and a custom mounted APR GTC-300 wing. The sideskirts were provided by C-West. Faiz also opted for a set over overfenders. The car sits on a set of RAYS Gram Lights 57DR wheels that measure 9.5×18’ upfront and 10.5×18’ in the back, wrapped in Toyo Proxes 1 tire, sizing 265/40R18 in the front and 295/35R18 in the rear.

Lexus IS 4
Status Racing provided some of the interior bits, such as the GT racing seats with six-point harnesses and side mounts. Other parts swapped were the Personal Trophy suede steering wheel, a NRG quick-release hub, a custom installation for the AEM UEGO wideband controller and Prosport gauges.

Lexus IS 6

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